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Moodle is a learning management system (LMS in short) which helps teachers and educators create an online platform for more adaptive and customized learning. Developed in 2002, it is free and open source software for use and is being used by many small and large institutions to create and deliver courses online to their students.

Moodle has many built-in features ranging from the basics such as file upload, assignments, quizzes, notifications and advanced features such as forums, quiz, wikis etc that can be used by learners. It also has many easy-to-install plugins such as attendance, reminders, analytics etc. to supplement these features.

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for Moodle has been contributed by Priyanka from Hyderabad, Nancy Varkey from Spoken Tutorials. The domain review of this series is done by Dr. Indira Koneru, also from Hyderabad.

Basic Level: For Moodle Site Administrators

1. Overview of Moodle

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Moodle as an LMS
  • Features of Moodle
  • Who can use Moodle?
  • Websites built using Moodle
  • Software requirements for Moodle
  • Hardware requirements for Moodle
  • Moodle site administrator roles and responsibility
  • Teachers roles and responsibility
  • Glimpse of Spoken Tutorials available on Moodle series

2. Getting ready for Moodle Installation

  • System requirements for installing Moodle
  • Check for XAMPP installation
  • PHP version check
  • MySQL(MariaDB) version check
  • Create a user and database for Moodle
  • Success confirmation message

3. Installing Moodle on Local Server

  • Prerequisites for installing Moodle
  • Download Moodle from
  • Go to the downloaded folder and extract the zip file
  • Give read, write and execute permissions to the owner and group members
  • Understand the concept of Web Address
  • Understand the Moodle directory and Data directory
  • Creation of Data directory
  • Install Moodle
  • Administrator Configuration

4. Admin’s dashboard

  • Understanding Admin's dashboard
  • Understanding Blocks in Moodle
  • Default blocks in Admin's dashboard
  • Moodle site default header
  • Quick access user menu
  • Profile page in Moodle
  • Editing profile
  • Preferences page in Moodle
  • Editing calendar preferences
  • Breadcrumbs in Moodle

5. Blocks in Admin's Dashboard

  • Understanding blocks in Moodle
  • Add a message block on Admin's dashboard
  • Add an HTML block on Admin's dashboard
  • Configure HTML block
  • Re-position block in Moodle
  • Delete a block in Moodle
  • Front page settings in Moodle
  • Front page settings for all users and logged-in users

6. Categories in Moodle

  • Understanding categories in Moodle
  • Organizing categories in Moodle
  • Manage categories page layout
  • Changing the view of the manage categories page
  • Creating a new category in Moodle
  • Adding subcategory to a category
  • Editing a category in Moodle
  • How to sort categories in Moodle
  • Moving a subcategory under a different category in Moodle

7. Courses in Moodle

  • Manage courses and categories
  • Creating courses in Moodle
  • Understanding important fields in course creation
  • Course visibility
  • Course summary files
  • Understanding course formats
  • Editing a course in Moodle
  • Deleting a course in Moodle
  • Hiding a course
  • Various icons to perform actions on courses
  • Moving courses to different category in Moodle

8. Users in Moodle

  • Add a user
  • Edit a user’s profile
  • Upload users in bulk
  • Assign admin role to a user
  • Assign a teacher to a course
  • Enrol a student in a course

9. User Roles in Moodle

  • Assign admin role to a user
  • Assign a teacher to a course manually
  • Enroll a student in a course manually
  • View all the users that are created
  • How to use "Edit profile" link
  • Role of Main administrator
  • Demonstration of assigning a teacher to a course
  • Demonstration of assigning a student to a course
  • How to un-enroll a user from a course
  • Suspend the user with enrollment start and end dates

Basic Level: For Teachers

10. Teacher's Dashboard in Moodle

  • Uses of Moodle for a teacher
  • Teacher's dashboard in Moodle
  • Blocks on teacher's dashboard
  • Preparing course overview in Moodle
  • Course overview of Calculus course as an example
  • Structuring of a course based on course overview
  • Editing and updating profile in Moodle
  • Preferences page in Moodle
  • Calendar preferences
  • Adding course details in Moodle

11. Course Administration in Moodle

  • Course category, full name and short name
  • Setting the course description and summary
  • Course summary files
  • Uploading a file in Moodle
  • Course start and end date in Moodle
  • Types of course formats in Moodle
  • Course layout
  • Announcements in Moodle
  • Activities and Resources in a course
  • Adding a page in Moodle

12. Formatting Course Material in Moodle

  • Resources in Moodle
  • How to add a resource in Moodle
  • Add a page resource
  • Default text editor in Moodle
  • Add image using text editor
  • Add media from local system or external URL
  • Manage files in Moodle
  • Equation editor
  • Accessibility options in Moodle editor
  • HTML code viewer

13. Uploading and Editing Resources in Moodle

  • URL Resource in Moodle
  • Adding URL resource in Moodle
  • Activity Completion in Moodle
  • Book Resource in Moodle
  • Adding a book in Moodle
  • Chapters and subchapters in a Moodle book
  • Access restriction in resources
  • Ordering chapters and subchapters in book
  • Available actions on a Moodle book resource
  • Available actions on any Moodle resource

14. Forums and Assignments in Moodle

  • Types of forums in Moodle
  • How to add a forum
  • Replying to a topic in a Moodle forum
  • How to split a forum discussion
  • Assignments in Moodle
  • How to add an assignment to Moodle
  • Submission types in Moodle
  • Feedback types in Moodle
  • Useful settings in Moodle

15. Question Bank in Moodle

  • Overview of question bank
  • Question bank section
  • Create a new question
  • Various question types
  • How to add question to the question bank?
  • How to preview the question?
  • How to set answers, error, grade and feedback?
  • MCQ with single answer / multiple answers
  • Short answer question
  • Numerical question

16. Quiz in Moodle

  • Quiz in Moodle
  • Create a new quiz
  • How to set grades and grading methods in quiz?
  • Question behaviour in Moodle quiz
  • Feedback in quiz
  • Activity completion section in quiz
  • How to add a new question in Moodle quiz?
  • Add questions from a question bank
  • How to add random questions in quiz?
  • Edit quiz questions in Moodle
  • Preview quiz questions

17. Enroll Students and Communicate

  • How to check enrolled users in a course?
  • Check user roles in a course
  • Enroll users in a Moodle course
  • How to make groups in a course?
  • Add students to a course
  • Remove students from a course
  • Send a message to course participants
  • Send a common note to all participants
  • Send a private note to selected course participants
  • Context of a note in Moodle

Contributors and Content Editors

Itspriyanka, Nirmala Venkat, PoojaMoolya