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Moodle is a learning management system (LMS in short) which helps teachers and educators create an online platform for more adaptive and customized learning. Developed in 2002, it is free and open source software for use and is being used by many small and large institutions to create and deliver courses online to their students.

Moodle has many built-in features ranging from the basics such as file upload, assignments, quizzes, notifications and advanced features such as forums, quiz, wikis etc that can be used by learners. It also has many easy-to-install plugins such as attendance, reminders, analytics etc. to supplement these features.

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for Moodle Basic level has been contributed by Priyanka from Hyderabad supported with domain reviews by Dr. Indira Koneru,also from Hyderabad.

Basic Level: For Administrators

1. Getting ready for Moodle

  • Prerequisies for installing Moodle
  • Check for packages on localhost
  • Database setup

2. Installing Moodle on localhost

  • Download Moodle
  • Install Moodle

3. Admin’s dashboard

  • Various blocks on the admin’s dashboard
  • Admin’s profile page
  • How to edit preferences

4. Blocks in Moodle

  • Add and delete blocks
  • Set the front page

5. Categories in Moodle

  • Course Category
  • How to create categories & subcategories
  • How to perform actions on categories

6. Courses in Moodle

  • How to create a course
  • How to perform actions on courses.

7. Users and Roles in Moodle

  • Add a user
  • Edit a user’s profile
  • Upload users in bulk
  • Assign admin role to a user
  • Assign a teacher to a course
  • Enrol a student in a course

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