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This work is coordinated by EnhanceEdu, CETLS, IIIT Hyderabad.


  1. Name of the FOSS: Media/script/
  2. Version number: 1.15.3
  3. Operating System: Windows Xp
  4. Media/script/ is a software for creating a /script/. A /script/ is a website that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.
  5. Uses:/script/s are often used to create collaborative works.Community websites, corporate intranets, knowledge management systems, and note services. The software can also be used for personal note taking.
  6. Target Audience:
    • Students - To create collaborative portals for learning and sharing information
    • Faculty - To create course content and share material collaboratively
    • Colleges & organizations - To share the course content, processes and documentation
    • Anyone that wants to create a collaborative portal
  7. Examples: http://en./script/, http://www./script/
  8. Prerequisite: Basic computer usage skills.

The spoken tutorials for Media/script/ are prepared by EnhanceEdu, IIIT-Hyderabad.

Media/script/ Sandbox

Users can use the sandbox /script/ on our EnhanceEdu server i.e. Users can create accounts and work on the tutorials discussed. We recommend the user to create an account in EnhanceEdu sandbox as the editing done is saved for future access.

The version used for the sandbox is Media/script/ 1.15.3

Alternately, Users can use the /script/media sandbox - http://meta./script/ However, the editing done will not be saved for future reference.

Basic level

  1. Introduction to Media/script/
    • Collaborative work
    • Advantages of using /script/
    • What can be done using a /script/?
  2. Creating user accounts
    • Registration for accounts
    • Login with the account credentials
  3. Features in a /script/ page 1
    • User page in /script/
    • Features
      • Edit Box
      • Summary of the Edit
  4. [Features in a /script/ page 2]
    • Features
      • Show preview
      • Save changes (minor edit, major edit)
      • Show changes
      • Cancel
  5. Basic Formatting
    • Adding text to the page
    • WYSIWYG toolbar
      • Bold
      • Italic
      • Line breaks
      • Indenting text (using ‘:’ symbol)
    • Horizontal line
  6. Table of contents
    • Headings
    • ‘Edit’ in different header लेवेल्स
  7. Lists
    • Numbered lists
    • Bulleted lists
  8. Creating pages in /script/ - Internal page
    • General page
    • Subpages
    • Navigation
    • Alias name to the internal page (display text)
  9. Special Page features
    • Watch/Unwatch page
    • Discussion page
    • Adding comments
      • Adding sections in the discussion page (create, edit)
  10. Special User features
    • My Contributions
    • My Watchlist
    • My Preferences
  11. External page
    • Alias name to the external page (display text)
  12. Adding images to page
    • Uploading the images
    • Alignment of image (left\right\center)Spoken Tutorial Proposal for Media/script/
    • Resolution settings of image
    • Thumbnail view
    • Alternative text
    • Adding files
    • Uploading files
    • Linking the files to a page
    • Alias name for the files
      • Versioning of files
  13. Tables
    • Format of the tables
    • Attributes of tables
    • HTML – colspan, rowspan
  14. Advanced Features
    • Text formatting
      • Size of text (big, small)
      • Subscript, superscript
      • Color
        • Non breaking spaces, extra spaces
    • Special symbols
    • Magic words
    • Link to a section within another page.
    • Namespaces
    • Categories
    • Adding comments
    • Manage Pages (move pages)
  15. ‘No-/script/’ formatting
    • Tags pre

Intermediate Level

  1. Special Pages
  2. Protect page
  3. Restricting the page editing for registered people
  4. Deleting page/Undelete page
  5. Block users
  6. User permission
  7. Assigning roles to user
  8. Main page - 1
    • Logo
    • Navigation
      • Main page
      • Community portal
      • Current events
      • Recent changes
      • Random page
      • Help
    • Search
    • Toolbox
      • What links here
      • Related changes
      • Special pages
      • Printable version
      • Permanent link
    • User tabs
      • page
      • discussion
      • view source
      • history
      • move
      • watch
      • unwatch
      • delete
  9. Advanced Level
  10. Installation of Media/script/
    • Installation of Pre-requisites
    • Installation of Apache, Mysql and PHP in Windows(xampp or wamp)
    • Installation of Apache, Mysql and PHP in Linux
    • Installation of Media/script/
  11. Setting a logo
  12. Customization of the settings
  13. Changing the LocalSettings.php
  14. Customizing the file types and file sizes
  15. Customizing the file types and file sizes
  16. Enable mail (SMTP)
  17. Installation of new scripts and plug-in
    • Identifying the issue
    • Downloading of script files
    • Copying in Extensions folder
    • Copying CSS files in skins folder
  18. Creating new plug-in in Media/script/
    • Credit and special page creation file
    • Body and aliases file
    • Getting data as html
    • Getting data from databases


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