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Time Narration
00:00 Welcome to this two minute overview of the spoken tutorial project.
00:04 My name is Kannan Moudgalya.
00:06 Spoken tutorial is a screen cast with a running commentary.
00:10 A recording of a session, created for self learning.
00:13 We promote FOSS, also useful to bridge digital divide, can be freely downloaded.
00:19 Let us go to our website. Here is 'spoken tutorial.org'
00:26 Here is a sample spoken tutorial.
00:29 “ Recording File”
00:34 We now explain the process involved in creating spoken tutorials.
00:38 We start an outline as shown here.
00:41 We write the script for each tutorial as shown here.
00:45 Then we record the script.
00:47 We have already seen the recording. Then we translate the script as shown here.
00:51 Then we dub it as shown here.
00:53 Recording files
00:59 This was a tutorial in Hindi.
01:03 We will come back to this.
01:06 Here is the architecture of a spoken tutorial.
01:10 We conduct workshops using spoken tutorials, Domain experts are not required.
01:15 Workshops are of 2 hour duration.
01:18 The students learn at their own speed.
01:21 They can use a language of their choice.
01:23 All of them can reach the same level.
01:26 We have found the workshops to be very effective.
01:30 These workshops are becoming very popular.
01:33 We currently conduct 200 workshops a month.
01:36 Number of confirmed workshops in North, West, East and South.
01:42 Here is a graph of Quarter-wise visits to our website.
01:48 Lets go back here.We are starting on digital divide tutorials.
01:53 Here is an example.“ Recording file”
02:00 Here is a sample tutorial on First Aid.
02:04 “ Recording file”
02:16 These tutorials will be extremely useful to the majority of Indians.
02:20 This tutorial explains this project in more detail.
02:25 We have some publications. Who funded us?
02:28 Thanks for joining.

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