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The Spoken Tutorials for Tux Typing are being contributed by DesiCrew Solutions, Chennai. DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a rural BPO company, incubated by RTBI of IIT- Madras. For more information please visit http://desicrew.in/

Tux Typing provides the following important features:

  • Start typing
  • Practice lessons
  • Play a game
  • Set language for typing

Learners: Children, 1st time Computer users

Getting started with Tux Typing

  1. Describes how to use Tux Typing, the online typing tutor    
    • The topic will initiate the user into typing using Tux Typing.
    • Install Tux Typing using Ubuntu Software Centre.
    • Overview of the Interface.
    • Point to lessons and briefly explain them.
    • Open basic_lesson_01.xml.
    • Explain the QWERTY Keyboard with reference to the keyboard displayed.
    • Point to the comma and full stops keys, common special characters used in English language.
    • Point to the Tab, Caps Lock, Shift keys, and Space Bar keys.
    • Point to and briefly explain the Enter and Backspace keys.
    • Indicate the relevance of the two hand images.

Learn advanced typing

  1. Learn to type phrases, edit words, set language, and play a game    
    • The learner will understand to
      type phrases
      edit words
      set language (this option will only be mentioned and not demonstrated)
    • The learner will also play a game by
      reading instructions
      setting level of the game
      learner to explore the game on his/her own

Contributors and Content Editors

Minal, Nancyvarkey, PoojaMoolya