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Stage 0: Introduction text on the FOSS page

This is a one-time creation process for a FOSS

1. Identify the FOSS (name of the FOSS) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->[YES]

2. Mention the version number of the FOSS ------------------------------------------------------------------------->[YES]

3. Mention the OS used -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->[YES]

4. At this point, please add this sentence --------------------------------------------------------------------------->[YES]

Please see the associated text box of individual spoken tutorials on the website to decide the versions of software and OS to which it is applicable.

5. A brief description about the FOSS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------->[YES]

6. A brief list of usage     (where and how it can be used)------------------------------------------------->[YES]

7. List of people-groups who will benefit     (optional)---------------------------------------------------->[YES]

8. Pre-requisite knowledge of any software     (optional)-------------------------------------------->[YES]

9. Name of the contributor(s) who wrote the outline and scripts and affiliation Here the Introduction stage is complete.

An Admin Verification will be done after this stage. Here is what we will check.

Stage 0 N/A
Has a FOSS been identified? Yes
Has a brief description of what the FOSS does been mentioned (4 to 5 sentences)? Yes
Is the Operating system used for/while creating the tutorials mentioned? Yes
Has a brief list of usage been described (in bullet points or 2 sentences)? Yes
Has a list of people/group who will benefit been mentioned (optional)? Yes
Is there a mention of any pre-requisites for the software, if needed? Yes
Are the name(s) of people who created the outline and write the scripts along with their affiliation/institute been mentioned? Yet to be done
Stage 1
Are the topics for the FOSS listed? Yes
Are all the listed topics chunked into 2 or 3 different levels of understanding:
  • Basic, Advanced
  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
At the Basic Level, has the content been listed as bullet points? (Applies to higher levels, too) Yes
Has the glossary been included in the outline? What is this ?

Contributors and Content Editors