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Stage 1: Outline and Topics

This is a one-time creation process for a FOSS

Create Outline for the chosen FOSS

  1. List all the Topics for the FOSS
  2. Chunk the Topics into 2/3 levels
    • Basic - Intermediate - Advanced or
    • Basic - Advanced


  1. Take up Basic Level first
  2. List out the content to be covered in each topic in bullet points
  3. Do the same for the Intermediate and Advanced levels (at a convenient time)

Here the Outline stage is complete.


  1. Create a link named Glossary on the outline page.
  2. When clicked, it should lead to a page on which each contributor to this FOSS will enter the technical terms used in the scripts with the definitions for those terms. These could be domain-specific terminology, abbreviations, acronyms, etc... Ideally, this should be an alphabetical list.

A Domain Review will be done after this stage to ensure the pedagogy of the FOSS outline.
Once done, other contributors can be included for the next stages.

Here is what we will check.

Contributors and Content Editors