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00:04 Now I am going to talk about lab migration.
00:08 So do you want to migrate your lab to Scilab ? We will help you.
00:12 State your experiments. You quote them in Scilab we will give honorarium and certificate
00:18 We will also host them on our website so that you can give link for that in your rsesume Or we can get your problem by experts, Scilab experts who may be colleague in some other college.
00:34 We have already migrated more than 60 labs when we click this, once again it takes on the left hand side you see this lab migration project and completed labs that has been clicked.
00:49 So here are all lab we will zoom little bit, ok lets come here below, here are the examples as matter of the fact we have 73 labs that have been migrated.
01:07 Now if you click this lets say control of electric drive
01:15 So once again it looks the same it looks same as before just like text book companion, if I click this I get PDF file.
01:25 If I open it here it is, so this is done by Priyen Patel from this college as we go down you can actually see the experiments
01:40 Speed Torque if I click this it takes you to whatever, So here are all the problem statement solution and so on.
01:51 So let me close this
01:58 Come here let me come here. Go back.
02:04 So these 73 lab that have been migrated may solve all your problem.
02:11 You can immediately migrate your lab incase a small fraction of your lab is not covered go and add them and propose and you get a certificate, you get honorarium and more importantly you can include this in your resume.
02:29 So let me go up, ofcourse if I zoom it slightly less you will see both of them on same page.
02:39 So here are labs and progress, so there are 26 labs in progress. Ok.
02:49 I encourage you to participate in this migrate your labs and also help others migrate their labs to Scilab.
03:01 We are also improving Scilab tool boxes. We can call all octave right now from Scilab.
03:07 We have great optimization tool box already available. I am going to show some links.
03:12 We have developed a signal processing toolbox. We are working on control system toolbox
03:20 We have made lot of progress in identification toolbox and also from Scilab to see how does one go, we have a tool box on that.
03:30 Where are they available? Available as Scilab Atoms.
03:34 Optimization toolbox is already released, so if I clcik this it will take you here.
03:40 This is available on page and here it Fosse optimization-Toolbox
03:54 You can see that this has been downloaded 6500 times out of which 5500 for this version probably about 1000 for previous version
04:11 So I would encourage you to download, try it other tool boxes to be released shortly.
04:19 The code is available here. By the way how did I get this here ?
04:25 By clicking Fossee Scilab toolbox remember that we are in
04:30 Fosse Scilab tool box which is what I clicked.
04:38 If I click it I get this you can actually access them and where is code available ? The code is available here let me click this. Ok.
04:49 It is in that page so if I click this you will get code for Fossee optimastion tool box.
04:56 It say that installation instructions, documentation, example and so on
05:03 Here is a source code of tool box ok
05:09 So lets proceed, here is a paper that we wrote. It appeared in IEEE control conference
05:19 Lets move ahead, We want your participation to add more function to Scilab toolboxes.
05:26 We are also creating an Xcos cloud. Let me give you link for that.
05:39 So this is in commonly used blocks for example as I told you it is still under progress you can click this, you can move things, you can connect them, you can simulate them and so on.
05:56 I would want you to explore this.
05:59 Help us to improve. You may be very good in coding please join us.
06:04 You may have lots of Xcos code you may want to try them out, try them out find the bugs, inform us.
06:12 We will be very happy to have you as our partners.
06:18 We have Scilab forums to answer your doubts if you have general doubt so lets click this FOSSEE Forum.
06:29 It takes you to the page where Scilab questions are there. You can actually go to any of them - for example Moving average
06:41 So there is a question and there is an answer and so on.
06:46 Remember I am still not logged in. In other words to view previously post question login is not required but if you want to a post question you have to register and login.
07:03 If I click this if I say Ask a question then it will come and say log in and if you have not registered you have to registered
07:14 That is only if you want to ask a question or to answer a question post by somebody else you have to register and login. Ok
07:24 So this is Fossee forum, this is for general terms and there are lots of examples, there are lots of questions already asked and answered, some are may be useful to.
07:40 Our experts are here to answer your questions and ofcourse if lot of people start answering questions post by their colleague and other colleges then we can have instantaneous response
07:54 That is the beauty of once again opensource forums
07:59 What if we have the question on spoken tutorial you are going through let says for example matrix operation at 3 min 35 sec you had a question
08:11 What was shown in the spoken tutorial didn't work or you wanted to something related to what is shown on at 3 minutes 35 seconds so how do you do that.
08:22 So for that we have Spoken Tutorial Forum let me click this.
08:30 So you can come here. So here you can actually search.
08:40 Let me go to Scilab for example
08:50 Now this questions so the Foss is Scilab, what is the tutorial General, this is installing xcos, Getting started and so on.
09:01 For every qeustion at what minute so for example I told you 3 minutes 35 seconds means you will say between 3 and 4 you will choose that, second you will say between 30 and 40 seconds, You will ask the question and may be somebody will answer.
09:21 Here are the previously posted question and answers okay. Here is something Scilab post question asked between 16 and 17.
09:32 So here is somebody ask the question here it is not working and here is the answer okay.
09:40 So I would like you to post your doubt and also answer the doubts post by other people .
09:50 Scilab runs on many systems. This is our Scilab implementation on the world's lowest cost tablet Aakash, you can see that 3D plot coming here that means you can run you can make Scilab run almost any machine.
10:11 Here is Scilab on our 10000Rs laptop which has lots of amazing software already installed
10:21 You can see when I click here I get software organized as college level software, school level software, in college level software programming environment, Matlab like software, chemical process simulation and so on.
10:37 Under this you have so many things Octave, R, Scilab and so on.
10:44 So Scilab comes with this machine also and this laptop is in the market now.
10:53 How do you find out more about this laptop? From my LinkedIn post. If you click this how do you find out more about this from linked in post
11:06 Here is the writeup of this.
11:12 There is video that explains the result made behind this work and this brochure gives the specs of this laptop and in the webiste of the laptop is here
11:31 You can get more about it over here. Finally we will come to FOSSEE free and open source software for education here is the logo for fossee, here is the logo for spoken tutorial
11:46 What do we do in FOSSEE ? We promote FOSS in a big way
11:50 What does FOSS stand for ? Free and Open Source Software. Here is the link if you go through this you will see that we have lots of think you can go through this, Python here, eSim here
12:05 eSim for electronic circuit design. Osdag is for steel structure design.
12:13 DWSIM is an amazing chemical processing simulation software.
12:19 OpenFoam is computational fluid dynamics software. OpenModelica is for solving like collection of differential algebraic equation, differential equation, algebraic equation or combination of these, word tools and so on.
12:37 There are lots of nice thing here, all are opensource. We are also begining to add spoken tutorial on R.
12:47 In many of them we have textbook companion, lab migration and actually many more nice things.
12:56 I would like you to go through this explore this page and find something very useful and I would also encourage you to join us.
13:07 To conclude I would encourage you to learn Scilab, also contribute to visit the website I have shown.
13:16 Use other FOSS that we promote. Partner with us, Use commercial software only when absolutely required
13:26 Our project as I mentioned is funded by MHRD through 2 missions, National Mission on Education through ICT and Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching.
13:40 We are very grateful to MHRD for funding our activities and for helping us pay students honorarium
13:51 We pay honorarium 1000 of students who participated in this activity without the contribution of students and faculty members from across the country, we could not have achieved so much infact I would like to take this opportunity to thanks our contributor.
14:13 I would like to thank you staying for with me, it has turned out to be longish lecture. I hope you dont mind, thanks for joining.Goodbye and Jai hind}

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