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Topic: STEMI App and its mandatory fields

Contributor Name: Jerry David, STEMI Team, Coimbatore

Reviewed and recorded by: Nancy Varkey, Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay

Keywords: STEMI, STEMI App, login to STEMI, STEMI Homepage

Visual Cue Narration
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How to log in to the STEMI App

Hello and welcome to this tutorial on the STEMI App and its mandatory fields.
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In this tutorial, we will learn to -# Open the STEMI App on the tablet
  1. Understand the STEMI Homepage
  2. Enter data in mandatory fields on the STEMI App.
Show System Requirements Slide To practise this tutorial, you will need -
  1. An Android tablet with STEMI App installed on it and
  2. A working Internet connection.
On the Android tablet User interface with STEMI app The STEMI App looks like a red rectangle with the STEMI logo on it.
Highlight Internet Connection on the tablet Before selecting the STEMI App, make sure that the tablet is connected to the Internet.
Screenshot of this pop-up If not, a pop up asking you to check your Internet connection will appear.
Select STEMI App Select the STEMI App after the device is connected to the Internet.
STEMI device main page The STEMI Home page appears.
Point to StemiAuser at the top left. Notice here it says StemiAuser.

This is because I am an A Hospital user.

Replace with stemiBuser If you are a user from another hospital, for eg: B Hospital, then the stemiBuser would be displayed here.
Replace with stemiCuser Likewise stemiCuser or stemiDuser would be displayed for C Hospital and D Hospital respectively.
Replace with stemiDuser And if the STEMI App is accessed from an EMRI Ambulance, then stemiEuser would be displayed.
STEMI homepage appears In all cases, we are in the STEMI Homepage.

Now we are all set to go.

STEMI homepage The STEMI Homepage has 3 Tabs in the middle of the page.
  1. New Patient tab - to enter complete patient history
  2. Search tab - helps to search and select patient details already saved
  3. ECG tab - helps to quickly take an ECG with minimal data entry
There’s also a Menu tab at the top left hand side of the page.

We will see how to use it in later tutorials.

Show Mandatory Fields Slide Let us now understand what mandatory fields are.
  • Fields that are indicated by a small red asterisk are called mandatory fields.
  • Data entry in these fields is compulsory and not optional.
  • This data is required to save the particular page and to move on to the next page.
Select main ECG tab As a demo, I will open the main ECG tab by selecting it.
Highlight all 4 fields. Under the main ECG tab, all 4 fields -
  • Patient Name,
  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Admission

are mandatory.

These are indicated with a red asterisk.

Enter the following data

Name: Ramesh

Age: 53

Gender : Male

Omit Admission

Let’s assume a patient and enter the following data.

Patient Name: Ramesh

Age: 53

Gender: Male

But let’s omit one of the fields, say… Admission .

Select the Take ECG button Select the Take ECG button at the bottom of the page to save the page and move on.
“Select the Admission type” pop -up appears Immediately a pop- up appears saying, “Select the Admission type
As you can see, if any 1 of the 4 fields is left blank, the page cannot be saved.
Select Admission: Direct Now, let’s fill the missing information.

Admission - Direct

Select the Take ECG button Select the Take ECG button at the bottom of the page to save the page.
Saved Successfully” message appears Immediately, the “Saved Successfully” message appears at the bottom of the page.
Likewise, we have to mandatorily fill data, whenever we come across fields with a red asterisk.
Let us summarize.
Show Summary Slide In this tutorial, we have learnt to -
  1. Open the STEMI App on the tablet
  2. Understand the STEMI Homepage
  3. Enter data in mandatory fields on the STEMI App.
  • was set up as a ‘not for profit’ organisation
  • primarily to reduce delays in accessing appropriate care for heart attack patients
  • and reducing deaths due to heart attacks.
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Show THANK YOU slide This tutorial has been contributed by
  • and the Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay.

This is Nancy Varkey signing off. Thanks for joining.

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