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Ruby on Rails is the web framework meant for building web based application.Ruby on Rails is also called in short as Rails and ROR.

Ruby on Rails was extracted by David Heinemeier Hansson from his work on Basecamp, a project management tool by 37signals (now a web application company).

Ruby on Rails inherits the rich object oriented design from ruby programming language.Rails is a full-stack framework, meaning that it gives the Web developer the full ability to gather information from the web server, talking to or querying the database, and template rendering out of the box.In rails no compilation phase is required.You can develop a web application at least ten times faster with Rails than you can with a typical Java framework.It runs on all major operating systems like LINUX and Windows.

In August 2006 the framework reached a milestone when Apple announced that it would ship Ruby on Rails with Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard" which was released in October 2007.

  1. Hello Rails!
    • Introduction
      • What is Ruby On Rails
      • Its benefits
    • MVC(model/view/controller) Architecture
    • REST
    • Installation
    • Verifying Rails installation by creating a demo application
  2. Rails Installation in Windows
    • How to install rails in windows through Rails Installer
  3. Getting Started with Rails
    • An introduction about the example application that is Library information system(LIS)
    • ER Diagram representing the database schema
    • Introduction to Rails command line tool
    • Walk through the file system generated
    • Step by step procedure of developing the application
      • How to start the web server
      • Creation of the database
      • Establishing relationship between the models
  4. Designing views for LIS
    • Create views for both the models book and subject
  5. Validation in Rails
    • Introduction
      • What is validation
      • It's use
    • Types of validation in rails
    • Applying validation in library information system

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