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Title of script: Qcad-Modification Tools I

Author: Leena Mulye

Keywords: QCAD, Trim, modify, drawing, move

Resources for "Modification Tools - Part I"

Visual Cue

Show Slide 1 Hello and welcome to QCAD series of tutorials.

Modification Tools - I

Switch to Slide 2 In this tutorial we will see modification tools as
  • Trim
  • Copy
  • Move
  • and Rotate

For this tutorial, I am using GNU Linux operating system Ubuntu Version 10.04 LTS

and QCAD Community Edition Version

Switch to QCAD application window Please have the QCAD application open in your system.

If you want to know how to install QCAD please refer to the earlier tutorial called as 'Introduction to QCAD'.

First we see how to use trim and copy tools.

First go to edit -> Current Drawing Preferences and set Units to inches.

And set grid size to 0.5x0.5

Let's start drawing simple shape as shown here.


Draw rectangle of 50x50 by using grid lines.

Draw one more rectange one grid inside this one.

Need to chamfer the coners, so let's draw two circles.

Click on circle tool, circle with centre and radius.

Give radius as 15, and point at intersection of top left corner.

Second circle of radius 25 at intersection of top left corner for innner circle.

Lets use trim tool to cut circle parts.

Click on edit-trim or top menu modify > trim. When you select trim, you first need to select limiting entity and then select entity to trim.

While selecting entity to trim you should select on the part of drawing which you want to remain. Rest of it will get trimmed.

Select left edge of outer rectangle for limiting entity. Then select on circle part which should remain. Do same for other part.

There is trim and extend option, which will let us extend in the gap. Click on edit- trim and extend. Click on outer rectangles top edge and left edge. It will extend two lines.

Trim by amount, will let you trim or extend by specific amount. Click on trim by amount.

Specify distance, if ivalue is +ve it will extend the line.

If we put in -ve value it will trim the line by that amount.

Lets check bevel and round Click on Round tool, and then click on two edges to be trimmed in round corner. Specify radius and round corner will come.

Similarly. Bevel will give a chamfered corner. Click on this tool.

Select both edges where we want chamfer. Specify distance from both sides and enter.

Switch to slide 3 We will now see move and rotate tools.

For this we will draw an octangon using .5 inch x 5.0 inch metal bar.

Which will look like this after completion.


Switch to QCAD application window We will first draw rectangle made of .5x5 inch

Go to line-> line with two points

Left click for first point for second point use command window.

We will use relative polar method for drawing this.

First point: 5, 10

second pont: @5<0

third point: @.5<90

next point: c to close with first point.

Rectangle is drawn. Although it is tiny.

From the menu View -> Auto Zoom, it will be seen.

Now create new part Let's draw it -2 points below the first one.

Again from the 0.5 inch rebar.

This time cut into a trapezoid with the long edge being 4 inches, and sides cut at a 45 degree angle.

We will have this shape drawn below first rectangle.

using relative polar method for drawing this.

First point: 5, 5

Next point: @4<0

Next point: @.53<135

Next point: @3.25<180

Next point: c to close shape.

Let's save the drawing.

Use copy and move to combine two parts.qcad drawings Now that two parts are ready, let's move lower part with top one.

Go to View -> Auto Zoom to see both parts, use middle mouse wheel to adjust drawing for you.

Using mouse select entire lower part by clicking and dragging at the end.

Go to modify -> move and rotate and on left hand side click on arrow to continue action.

From snapping option click on snap to intersections.

To specify reference point, left click on lower left corner of lower part and to specify target point

click on lower right corner of top part. Give angle as 45.

In a pop up window, click on delete original and click ok.

Double click right mouse button or click escape to come out of this command.

Now two parts are joined as one. We will copy these and rotate to make octagon.

Select the entire part using mouse arrow.

Go to modify -> move and copy

from left side click on arrow to continue action

select snap to intersection.

To select reference point click on lower left corner of drawing.

And for target point, click on snap to grid (from left side snapping option)

and click few grid points below the part.

From pop up option window, select radio button for 'multiple copies' and give no. as 3.

click ok. This will create 3 more copies of the joined part.

Now let's use move and rotate tool to place these copied objects to make octagon.

Select first object. Select modify- move and rotate

Snap at intersection. And click on lower left corner of part to be moved.

And click on top part where the part should be moved. This time we will give rotation angle as 90.

similarly will move next part by selecting and using move and rotate. This time angle will be 180.

and for last part, angle will be 270. This completes our drawing.

Switch to Slide 5


Let's come to the assignment part..

I would like you to draw following using tools learnt in this tutorial.


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I would like to acknowledge the spoken tutorial project which is part of the talk to a teacher project.

It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD government of India.

For more information on this please visit following website.

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Thank you.

Enjoy exploring QCAD

This is Leena signing off.

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