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Time Narration
0:00 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on how to create a user registration form and how to register a user into mysql database.
0:09 One suggestion before starting this tutorial is that you watch my "User login" tutorials first. I've posted a link to it.
0:19 I would suggest that you do so before going through these tutorials. The reason I have created "User login" before "User registration" is because I find it a lot easier to do the "User login" process before doing the "Registration" process.
0:34 Once you've got the "login" process right and you've got the fields in the database you can start our registration process.
0:43 I just find it a lot more easier to this way, as you know what you're registering in to your data base.
0:49 To start with, in the first part we will create our form and check for the existence of my login information.
0:56 From my existing tutorials, I am using my "login session" folder.
1:03 This here is my login session and all my fields but here I will create a new file.
1:12 Just add some tags first.
1:15 I will create this inside my login session folder with the "index dot php" which is the main page you saw.
1:22 Log in, log out and the member page if users are logged in and I will save this as "register dot php".
1:32 I am creating a user registration form so that the user can register before they decide to login.
1:40 I have created my "register dot php" and I am also going to open my index file. I will create a link underneath the form.
1:48 And this is going to be just a link to that register page and I will type "Register" here.
2:02 So what we get here is a link called "Register" which goes to our page where we have nothing at the moment.
2:09 Following from the last tutorial where we could login, I will just put a link to a page that you can register before you do this.
2:20 Before we were just typing data into our database. If I open up a new window, I will go across to "php my admin".
2:29 And this is the database that will be used called "php login" and this is my "users" table.
2:38 You can see I have added an extra field called "name" and I will add another field called "date".
2:47 At the end of the table that's going to be called "date" and it will be in date format. So where is it? Um.... Here it is.
3:04 Before you get confused about what the date will be, it will be the current date when the users registered and we go there and save that.
3:15 So from the last tutorial on the "User login" we just have id, username and password. Now I have added a name so its going to be the user name and we've added date, the date when he registered.
3:29 Just browse in here. We have got a couple of values here already.
3:35 I will delete these because I am registering my users. So I can start from a clean database.
3:40 Assuming I have got no users at all and I have got my link here to the register page, here is my register page.
3:49 Now I'll briefly explain this html code which tells you how to create this page and we will have a form first of all.
3:59 This is going to be a self submitting form. It's going to submit back to "register dot php".
4:07 And we are going to create a table and inside this we will have a row here.
4:13 Then we have two columns, so two td blocks here and the 1st one will have, say your fullname
4:31 I leave it up to you. Just to speed up I will do it this way.
4:29 In our second column here, I will put my input type as "text" and my name equals "fullname".
4:38 So you can see at the moment, let me go back to my original page, click on register.
4:47 You can see, this is one column here, split down here. This is another column with the input box in.
4:55 And I will also go up here and inside the php code, I will echo out a header. I will explain a bit later why I have done this.
5:07 So we got that. At the moment we have this. To speed up, I will just copy and paste this down.
5:15 So make sure you choose from "t r" till "end t r".
5:22 I will paste it down and then I will say "Choose a username" and obviously I will change this to "username".
5:32 I will paste that again and say "Choose a password". This text is just to secure in case any one's looking over our users' shoulder or any screen capture software being used to infiltrate this computer.
5:47 And the next one down here I will just copy and paste this here to say "Repeat your password".
05:58 Again "password" here.
6:07 We can't say "password" again so I will call this "repeat password".
6:10 We will use this to compare the passwords once they have been submitted as a safety measure in case the user made any mistakes.
6:20 And we don't need any other field. That is the last one.
6:24 What we do need is the "date". But I will do that when I submit the form.
6.31 Okay so this is our form created. Lets go back and refresh.
6:37 You can see how this is evenly arranged, that's why we have used a table.
6:42 We need a submit button also.
6:45 Underneath our table, I will create a paragraph break.
6:48 And my input type here is going to be "submit"; my name is going to be "submit".
6:54 And we have to check the existence and the value will just be "register".
6:57 Lets refresh. There we are, you can see that the password fields have been blanked out.
7:05 Also we have a fullname and username there for the users to type their values.
7:12 Okay that's about it. I will stop the tutorial here.
7:16 If you are following this step by step, make sure you have got your form written out and try out another design if you wish.
7:25 I wish I had more time to do it. So go ahead and create your form as you want.
7:30 Do anything you want to it. Change these labels.
7:33 Just make sure you got your boxes and your register.
7:35 In the next part we will talk about checking that the user has typed each one of these fields in.
7:44 We will compare the passwords to see if they match. I mean if I say there are two passwords and these don't match as they differ in character length, then the user can't register as they might have made a mistake.
7:59 I am sure most of you watching must have registered at some point and would have typed in your password again.
8:07 We will also encrypt our passwords and remove any dangerous or any pretentiously dangerous html tags from these forms. So we'll have some bit of security to our registration form.
8:17 So I see in the next part. Thanks for watching. This is Sidhartha dubbing for the Spoken Tutorial project.

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