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Time Narration
0:00 Welcome back. How do we fix this "'Sendmail from not set in php dot ini" error.
0:11 We haven't determined who the email is from.
0:18 We need to do this in order to send the email.
0:23 We won't use something like a "from" parameter here.
0:29 We need to send to specific headers.
0:32 So here we create a "headers" variable which is not equal to something like "me"
0:43 What we need to do is work with the standardised mail header and that is "From:" and a colon not semi colon and then we say for example "php academy"
0:54 Or you could say something like "admin @php academy" and add ".com" if you like.
1:02 I don't actually have that domain name but we'll just keep it as that.
1:08 So "From: admin".
1:11 Inside our mail we need to add another parameter now which is "headers".
1:18 And now we come here and you can type "Alex" and here "This is a test!"
1:24 Click on "Send me this" and we face another error.
1:27 Now I am not actually running a mail server on my computer.
1:33 If you don't want to run a mail server on your computer, google for at mail free mail server and this will install a mail server on your computer just like we are doing now running on a local host.
1:46 And you will have a SMTP mail server running under local host.
1:54 Now as I don't have a mail server, I will use my university email system which is the DNS or the "Domain Name Server" of my university email
2:06 That's the way my email is sent through my university.
2:11 If you know a specific DNS Server, if you have a domain name already, if you have a website you will know it or you will be able to find it, at least.
2:22 You will be able to send an email through that.
2:27 I know that my university email DNS server is "mailhost dot shef dot ac dot uk" because I'm in Sheffield university.
2:36 So I need to incorporate this into my "php dot ini".
2:41 And the best way to do this is to come here and setup our variables
2:46 okay we need 2 - set SMTP in "php dot ini"
2:59 And instead of opening up my "php dot ini" file ,I'll just use the "ini set" function.
3:05 And the variable name is "SMTP".
3:12 So we are editing this line inside our "php dot ini" file.
3:16 And I type the mail host in there as the value.
3:20 Here we just say echo "get ini" which gets a specific value.
3:25 Next I'll say SMTP and that can just kill the script there.
3:30 So we can see how this works.
3:32 So if I say "Alex" and then "Test" and click on "Send me this".
3:40 Oh! Sorry I have typed this completely wrong. Big mistake. That is "ini get" and lets refresh that.
3:52 Okay we are basically setting our "SMTP" inside our "ini" file to "mail host dot shef dot ac dot uk".
3:59 And then we will echo out the value of this.
4:03 So just tells me that that is set to "mail host dot shef dot ac dot uk".
4:10 Presuming this mail host server or DNS server works, then the rest of the code will work.
4:17 After sending our mail I'll just kill the page.
4:24 Um.... no I won't . I'll just kill the page.
4:28 Lets go back and say "Alex" and "This is a test".
4:36 Just checking that everything is okay. We've got my "to", my "subject", my "headers" saying "".
4:45 And our body in here and we are executing our mail function.
4:51 So when I click "Send me this", nothing happens. We've got no errors so we can presume that everything has worked.
4:58 If I come into my hotmail or my email and click on my INBOX, you can see that we've now got a mail from "admin @ phpacademy dot com".
5:09 If we click on it, we have "Email from PHPAcademy" as our subject line that we had set here.
5:17 And we have the email address that I specified from.
5:22 You can put this as from Alex or from phpacademy.
5:27 And then we have "This is an email from Alex" which is the name we gave inside the form here.
5:35 And then we have 2 line breaks which are present - 1 and 2
5:40 And "This is a test" which is the text I put in there.
5:46 So that's a mail function by using my university's DNS mail server.
5:50 Your INSP will have a DNS mail server.
5:55 It may require authentication on which I will be completing the tutorial soon.
6:00 So if this doesn't work for you watch that tutorial or just drop me an email or contact me through my youtube.
6:09 OK so I hope that was useful to a lot of people.
6:13 Please subscribe if you haven't already.
6:15 Alright, thanks for watching. This is Evan Varkey dubbing for the Spoken Tutorial Project. Bye bye.

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