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Time Narration
00:00 Welcome back! In our previous tutorial, we have established what we are going to change and how we are going to change it.
00:09 We did go through that.
00:11 So, now I will test my code.
00:13 If we look at our database, we have a few records here.
00:17 I am going to delete David's record here because it was from another tutorial.
00:23 After the deletion, we have the records of Alex, Kyle, Emily and Dale.
00:29 Here I will use Kyle's record as an example and change it to a particular value.
00:34 We will refresh our page and make sure it is updated.
00:38 I will select "Kyle" and I will change this to "Karen" and I will click on Change and here everything has disappeared.
00:46 Now we will come back into our table and click on Browse to refresh it.
00:50 we will scroll down and find that nothing has changed.
00:58 I think, I made a mistake. My mistake was that it was name before and now I will change this to value.
01:06 This needs to be set to value instead of name.
01:09 value holds the value... of anything here that has been selected; so the value is "$id".
01:15 When we submit our form, it will come through and the value will be contained within here in "id".
01:25 So, I found and fixed the problem and now I will go back and refresh.
01:30 Here, I will once again change "Kyle" to "Karen". By clicking on Change you can see that nothing has happened.
01:37 Even when I enter my database, we can see that we have got Alex, Kyle, Emily and Dale.
01:42 Since we had changed "Kyle" to "Karen", our "id" has shown visible changes.
01:47 But when we click on Browse and scroll down, we can see that "Kyle" has now been replaced by "Karen".
01:54 Hence, you can also update values using forms.
01:57 It is very easy, as long as you have a standard knowledge of

php software how to manipulate things how to check things how to use if statements passing variables particularly the posting variables etc.

02:15 You will be able to learn all this as long as you learn the basic set of these tutorials.
02:20 As of now, in this tutorial, you have learnt inserting and updating and so on so forth.
02:28 The last thing I will show you is how to delete.
02:34 To show you how to delete, I will close this page and and remove this box and edit this.
02:46 I will replace "Change" with "Delete".
02:49 Here I will be deleting records where we have a particular name shown.
02:55 To do this, I will add "$lastname" over here.
03:01 Let us now not resend that and let us go back to "mysql.php".
03:08 Here, we now have "Alex Garrett", "Karen Headen" which has been changed or modified from my last example.
03:17 We will click "Karen Headen" and we will click on "Delete". This will delete the record.
03:24 But it has not been deleted at the moment.
03:27 Let us make sure all our records are intact first.
03:31 As you can see here, we have all our records intact and I will choose to delete a particular record.
03:37 Let us say delete "Emily Headen"; so I will choose the record of Emily Headen to be deleted.
03:45 Now we need to submit this to a new page called "mysql underscore delete.php".
03:52 For this, we are going to create a new page, save as "mysql underscore delete.php".
03:59 We will do exactly the same as we had done before.
04:03 We are going to require our "connect", so we need to connect to the database.
04:10 Oh Sorry! Let us get that back to require "connect.php" and we will again take the variables in.
04:22 So, let us type $todelete here and that is equal to again a "$_POST" variable here.
04:29 We are posting this form to this page and let us change some values over here.
04:34 Let us say "todelete".
04:37 So, we have changed our select name to "todelete".
04:41 Now, if you have a look back on this form here, I will show you the code again.
04:47 Here we can see that we have our name values and our id value here for each case of each record.
04:54 If we refresh, the name of our form is "todelete" and we are taking that into account for each value.
05:01 If Emily's record has been selected we will delete the record where the id is equal to 3.
05:08 Let us go back to our code and here we have our POST variable.
05:14 Now I am going to echo out to give you an example of how it is processed.
05:20 We have "Emily Headen" here. We have 3 there which means that we can use this to delete the id 3 in the database or rather the table.
05:30 Here, again we will create a new variable and I will call it "mysql underscore query()".
05:41 Inside here. we will use a whole new set of commands.
05:45 We will type in "DELETE FROM" and obviously we will specify our table.
05:52 Let us type "people" and "WHERE id equals "$todelete".
05:57 The "$todelete" variable which is the "id" of the person that we selected from this list.
06:03 Now, let us test this. Let us say "Emily Headen".
06:08 Let us check in our database if Emily Headen's record still exists.
06:13 Let us refresh to see if the record still exists.
06:17 When I click on "Emily Headen" and click on Delete, nothing has happened.
06:22 We have not echoed out but when we click on Browse to refresh, we can see that Emily's record has been deleted from the database.
06:30 So in this set of tutorials, I have shown you a basic serve command like

how to insert data how to read data how to modify how to delete data and how to incorporate into html forms.

06:43 If I have forgotten anything, please let me know and I will add it as parts of these tutorials.
06:50 Make sure you subscribe for updates from my channel.
06:53 I hope you enjoyed these tutorials. Thanks for watching.
06:55 This is Evan Varkey dubbing for the Spoken Tutorial Project. (Script contributed by Juanita Jayakar).

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