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Time Narration
00:00 In this PHP tutorial, we will learn about Comparison Operators.
00:05 Comparison operators can compare 2 values, 2 strings or 2 variables that can contain any of them and will act upon that.
00:15 For this, I am going to use an if statement.
00:19 Let's start by creating the if statement structure.
00:25 My condition is if 1==1,
00:30 echo
00:33 True
00:37 and then else
00:42 echo
00:44 False. Remember, I don't need these brackets; so I'm going to take them out.
00:51 Let's indent it.
00:56 Never mind the indenting.
00:59 This is the first comparison operator.
01:02 Two 'equals to' (==) means the 'comparison operator'. We've seen this in the if statement before.
01:08 1 does equal to 1; so this will echo "True". Let's try it.
01:13 We got True.
01:15 Let me change this. if 1 is greater than 1 (1>1) then let's see what result we get.
01:27 False, because 1 is equal to 1 and not greater than 1.
01:33 Now let's change this to 1 greater than or equal to 1 (1>=1).
01:37 if 1 greater than or equal to 1, echo "True" else echo "False".
01:45 Here, we should get True.
01:48 You can also do the same with 'less than or equal to'. So, for example: less than (<)
01:55 would be False, less than or equal to (<=) would be True.
02:01 We can also say 'not equal'. So, if 1 is not equal to 1 (1!=1) echo True.
02:11 Refresh. We'll get False here because 1 is equal to 1. Now let's say if 1 isn't equal to 2 (1!=2).
02:20 We get True because 1 is not equal to 2.
02:25 These are the basic comparison operators that you will be using for our tutorials.
02:33 Expand on this - practice them - and you'll understand them better.
02:40 You can also compare variables using these operators. So for example: num1 = 1,
02:48 num2 = 2. All we now do is, replace these values and there we go.
03:01 This will produce exactly the same result as we've got earlier which is True. Now all we need to do is, change these values.
03:11 Please note, this will now read as num1 = 1, num2 = 1. So if 'num1' doesn't equal 1 it is "False" because 1 does equal 1 therefore we get False.
03:24 These here are the simple comparison operators. Play around with them. See what you can do. Thanks for watching.
03:33 This is Mad Madhur, dubbing for the Spoken Tutorial Project.

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