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OSCAD is a complete EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. OSCAD is a combination of varoius powerfull tools like KiCAD, NGSpice and Scilab. Its a one stop open source software solution for designing a working circuit board. One can create a complete circuit schematic, generate the simulation Netlist, run simulations for verification and design the PCB layout for final board printing.

  1. Introduction to OSCAD
    • About OSCAD
    • Install Oscad version 1.0 and
    • Test run Oscad using an example
    • Benefits of OSCAD
  2. Schematic-Creation-and-Simulation
    • Create circuit schematic
    • Annote the Schematic
    • Perform Electric Rules Check
    • Generate Spice netlist
    • Add simulation parameters
    • Convert Spice netlist to Ngspice format
    • Simulate the netlist
  3. Designing Printed Circuit Board
    • Modify Schematic for PCB design
    • Create netlist for PCB from Schematic
    • Map footprints to components
    • Change layout design rules
    • Choose layers and lay tracks for layout
    • Check for design rules
    • Generate Gerber files

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