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Copy,cut and paste using Orca Hello and welcome to this tutorial in the spoken tutorial series on Orca. By now you have already experienced how Orca responds to keyboard commands. We also know that orca gives classic audio feedback on popups and dialog boxes which ask for some action to be performed. So now let's move on to some thing more interesting. This time we are going to see how we can move things around using copy, cut and paste. So lets first start orca, remember? we press alt + f2 to get to the run dialog and then enter orca. Let's open the gedit text editor. Press alt + f1. As you heard Orca told us that we are in the applications menu. If you have gone through the first time with orca tutorial, you will remember that the text editor is in the accessaries sub menu. Let's press down arrow to navigate to the accessaries menu. now to open the sub menu we will press the right arrow. we will keep pressing the down arrow till we navigate to the gedit text editor. Press enter to open it. Now, orca tells us that we are in the text editor and by default we have an unsaved document. So lets begin by typing a few lines. type, "I use Ubuntu gnu/linux." hit enter for the next line. "Orca is in the system by default'. Enter for another line. "Orca is a screen reading software". Thats enough for now. Lets press ctrl + home and go at the top of the file. Ok, so we hear orca reading the first line. let's read the entire document line by line. Keep pressing down arrow to go through every line. You can again go up the file using the up arrow. You may say, the content seems to be a bit unorganised. For example the last line introducing Orca should have been the first line. Well, No problem, that's exactly what we are going to do now. to move the last line at the top, we will first select and copy that line. This applies to any text which you want to move around. instead of replicating the text, if you want to move it to another location, you will cut the text. So let's select the last line. First we will navigate and locate the last line being at the top of the file we will press down arrow 2 times. Ok, now we are at the line which introduces orca. so how do we select it? selecting the line implies that we go to the beginning of the line and then select it till the end. Basically we use the home key to go to the starting of a line. End key brings us to the end of that line. Yes, this is similar to the ctrl + home key that takes us to the beginning of the file. and if you guessed that ctrl + end key brings us to the end of the file, Bravo! you are right! But if we want to select text, we have to use the shift key in combination with these navigation commands. so let's press home key to go to the beginning of the last line on which we are currently focused. now press the combination of shift and end key to select the entire line. Did you hear orca reading the entire line? And yes it also told us that the line is selected. in our case we don't want to replicate the line but totally move it from this location to the top. So we will cut this line from here. since The text has been selected, we will press ctrl + x to cut it. now let's press ctrl + home to move to the top. we already have one line here, so lets push it down to create blank space. hit enter and the line will go down. Press the up arrow. As you heard orca tells us that here is a blank line. now, to insert or put the cut text, just press ctrl + v. Wow! orca reads out the line we just pasted. So now if you read the entire document you will see that it looks more organised. Press ctrl + home to go to the beginning of the file. if you are using a desktop keyboard just tap the numeric key pad '+' to read out the entire document. Well, now you can hear that the document is well organised. ah, just remember, laptop users can press capslock + semi colon to read the entire document. just like ctrl + x for cut, we also have ctrl + c key combination for copying the text. use your up arrow and copy the last line. for this,we will first select the current line. Press Shift + end. orca has told us that we have selected this line. press ctrl + c to copy the selected line. now press ctrl + end to go to the bottom of the file. you can press the enter key to create blank space. now press ctrl + v to paste the copied line as we did some time back. As you can hear orca reads the line we pasted. Now go to the top of the file using ctrl + home and use the read all command as before. there you see, orca reads the last 2 lines which are just the same. this means that we replicated the last 2 lines. OK, now lets save this file. press alt + f. As you heard, Orca informed us that we are in the file menu. keep pressing down arrow till you hear save as. hit enter to open the save dialog. now the box for saving the file has given the default name unsaved document 1. Since orca says its selected, we can press backspace once and erase the name. now type orca_intro and press enter. The file gets saved by default in your home folder. ok, so lets close the text editor now. in the tutorial on first time with orca and on popups and dialogs, we have seen how we quit the text editor. So you can now press alt + f for file menu again and press the up arrow for quit option. hit enter for closing the editor. Let's see how we can copy the entire file from one place to another. Now open the top panel menu by pressing alt + f1. press right arrow once to go to the places menu. the places menu is used for navigating to a certain folder such as home, document etc. So lets press down arrow one time to locate the home folder option and press enter. now we will search around the home folder for the file we just saved. you can get close to the file by typing its initial characters. so type o and then press down arrow till you hear the name of the file we just saved. we will press ctrl + c to copy the file lets press alt + ctrl + d to get to the desktop. lets paste the file on the desktop. you are right, we will press ctrl + v to paste the file on the desktop. so orca tells us that the file has been pasted. So as you see we can copy and paste text in a file or move an entire file itself. and the commands were just the same. So have fun with Orca. good bye. Contributers Dhaval Joshi and Ankita Shanbhag.

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