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Customising the Orca Key Echo Hello This is Krishnakant Mane welcoming you to this Orca spoken tutorial. In all the tutorials you have heard so far, you must have noticed that every key stroke is spoken by Orca. This is very good for beginners who have very little or no prior knowledge of computers. But some times hearing all the keyboard commands being spoken back sound a bit over chattery and even delays further user interaction. It is kind of "hearing too much" and can cause frustration. In this tutorial, I will show you the way in which we can tell Orca exactly what we want to hear. Before we go ahead, let me introduce you to Ankita Shanbhag who will read the script, while I will perform the tasks on the desktop. So over to ankita. Hi This is Ankita. If Orca is already not running,start it by pressing alt + f2 and entering orca.But since we are using Vinux for these tutorials its assumed that Orca is already running since it starts at login. Now press Insert + space to open the preferences. Use capslock + space if you are using a Laptop. As you can hear, Orca told us that we are on the general tab. Keep pressing the right arrow till you find the key echo tab. Press the tab key. The first option you hear is enable key echo. If you have noticed so far, we hear every key including Alt, Control, Shift, Tab, etc. This is because, as you heard, Orca told us that this check box is checked. Press tab and you will here Orca telling us the option for further customising the key echo. The option we are focused on is to enable or disable alpha numeric and punctuation keys. This means that the said keys will be echoed by Orca if the option is checked or enabled. Press tab again. Now you herd Orca informing us about a similar option. This time it is about enabling or disabling the modifier keys, namely alt, Shift, Control. Press tab again. Now you will hear another option pretty similar. This is for activating or deactivating the locking keys, namely capslog or insert key echo.Press tab again. Again this is similar option which toggles the echo of function keys when they are pressed.Tab again to find similar option for action keys. This option will allow you to toggle the echo of keys directly related to user actions. These include Enter,Escape,Backspace etc. Tabbing again will take us to the toggle for navigation keys. If this checkbox is checked you will hear Orca echoing navigation keys such as the arrows. Now press tab again. Here is another option for similar purpose.This checkbox will enable us to toggle the echo of keys such as the super key. Note that the super key is also called as the windows key. If you feel that you need none of these, then you can keep pressing shift tab till you reach the enable key echo checkbox. Uncheck it by pressing the spacebar. Now if you tab once, you will get to the echo by character checkbox. So this means, if we uncheck or disable the enable key echo checkbox, all the related checkboxes are disabled. This gives us a feel as if they have disappeared somewhere. Anyway, we can press shift + tab once and again enable the key echo. Now pressing tab will show us our previously Invisible checkboxes. Keep Tabbing till you reach echo by character. This option is the one which on activation instructs orca to speak out every character. Press tab again. This option might sound obvious. It means that every time you type a complete word and press space bar, Orca will echo back the word you just typed. Tab again. You will find a similar option for activating or deactivating sentence echo. This is unchecked by default. Let's enable this option by pressing the space bar. This is a very unique feature and we will just test it right away. Keep tabbing till you reach apply button and hit enter. This has confirmed our setting. Now tab till the OK button and hit enter to close the preferences dialog. Open the applications menu by pressing alt + f1 and then move down to the accessories submenu.Press right arrow to open this sub-menu. Locate the gedit text editor by pressing the down arrow and hit enter to open it. Now lets type a sentence. Type "Orca is a unique screen reader with lots of customisation". Now you have already heard orca echoing every character as you type and every word as you press space bar. But guess what? Press the space bar. Did you notice that? Orca actually echoed back the entire sentence! This comes in very handy when you type long sentences in an article or a book and tend to forget the starting. So we have already seen enough for this tutorial. So till the next spoken tutorial, This is Krishnakant and Ankita saying bye.

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