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Visual Cue Narration
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Enroll Students and Communicate

Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Enroll Students and Communicate in Moodle.
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Learning Objectives:

In this tutorial, we will learn how to:
  • Enroll students who were uploaded via a csv file to a course
  • Make groups in courses and
  • Send messages and notes to the students.
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OS, Web Server and Moodle Versions

This tutorial is recorded using:
  • Ubuntu Linux OS 16.04
  • Apache, MariaDB and PHP obtained through XAMPP 5.6.30
  • Moodle 3.3


  • Firefox web browser

You may use any web browser of your choice.

However, Internet Explorer should be avoided, as it causes some display inconsistencies.

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This tutorial assumes that
  • your site administrator has registered you as a teacher
  • And assigned at least one course to you.
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Assumptions... continued

It also assumes that
  • you have added some course material, assignments and quizzes for your course.
  • If not, please refer to the relevant Moodle tutorials on this website.
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Add new students

Before we begin, please ask your Moodle site administrator to add 5 or 6 users to your Moodle site.

You will be adding these new users to your course later. (So ensure that new users are added to your Moodle site.)

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Permission for teachers

  • Teachers in Moodle cannot add new users to the system.
  • They can only enroll users that are already added by the site administrator.
Switch to the browser.


Username: becky0808

Password: Spokentutorial12#

Switch to the browser and login to your Moodle site as a teacher.
Click on Calculus Click on the Calculus course in the left navigation menu.
Click on the gear icon -> More.. Click on the gear icon at the top right and then on More....
We are on the Course Administration page.
Click on Users Click on the Users tab.
Click on Enrolled users Click on Enrolled users link within the Users section.
Highlight the 2 users There are 2 users enrolled to this course - Rebecca Raymond and Priya Sinha.
Highlight Rebecca Raymond user and her role. Rebecca Raymond has teacher role.
Highlight Priya Sinha user and her role And Priya Sinha has student role.
Click on Enrol users Now, click on the Enrol users button at the bottom right.
This list has students that I want to enroll to my Calculus course.
Assign roles -> Student Select Student in the Assign Roles dropdown.
Then click on the Enrol button next to the users that you want to enroll.
Click on Enrol next to Susmitha A, Sai Iyer and Vivaan A I will enroll a few students in my course right now.
Click on Finish enrolling users Once done, click on the Finish enrolling users button at the bottom right.
Highlight the number of enrolled users We can see the number of enrolled users for the Calculus course at the top of the page.
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Creation of groups

Next, let us learn how to make some groups in the course.

These groups will help us assign students for group activities.

I will make 2 groups - Explorers and Creators.

Click on Calculus Click on Calculus in the breadcrumb to go back to the course page.
Click on the gear icon -> More.. And go to the Course Administrator page again.
Click on Users tab

Click on Groups

Click on Groups link in the Users tab.
Click on Create group Scroll down and click on Create group button.
Group name -> Explorers Type Explorers as the Group name.
There are no other mandatory fields.
Click on Save changes Scroll down and click on Save changes button.
Highlight Explorers(0) in the left column Notice that Explorers can now be seen on the left side, in the list of groups.

The number zero next to it indicates that there are no users in that group yet.

Select Explorers, if not already selected.

Click on Add/remove users Then click on Add/remove users button at the bottom right.
Select Susmitha

Select Sai

I will select Susmitha and Sai from the list of students.
Click on Add And then click on Add button in the middle of the 2 columns.
Highlight the column on left On the left, observe the list of users in the group Explorers.
Highlight the column on right On the right, observe the list of all other students enrolled in this course.

They can be added to this group as and when required, by the teacher.

Click on a user in the left column. Highlight Remove button. Unselect the user.

Click on a user in the right column. Highlight Add button

Add and Remove buttons between the 2 lists, get enabled when we select users from the lists.
Click on Back to groups Click on Back to groups button at the bottom of the page.
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Pause this tutorial and do this small assignment.
  • Add a new group called Creators
  • Assign 2 new users to that group

Resume the tutorial when done.

Back to Enrolled Users screen Now you should be able to see a screen like this.
Highlight all the icons and the column headers - Roles, Groups, Enrolment Methods Notice the columns Roles, Groups and Enrolment Methods have icons.
Move your mouse over each of the trash icons one by one Move your mouse over each of the icons to understand their functions.
Note that: An enrolled student can belong to more than one group as well.
Let us now see how we can send a message to the students.
Click on Participants Click on Participants link in the left navigation bar.
This will show the list of all enrolled users with their assigned roles in the course.
Only narration By default, Moodle Participants page displays only 20 students.
Only narration You will need to click on Show all if you have more than 20 students to see all the students.

The link is not visible right now because I don’t have more than 20 students.

Highlight the filters There are some filters seen above the list of users.

Use them to help select the right set of users.

Current role -> Student I will select Student in the Current role dropdown.

This will filter the list to show only the users who have student role assigned to them.

Click on Select all Click on Select all button at the bottom of the page to select all the students.
With selected users -> Send a message Then select Send a message in With selected users dropdown.
This will send a common message to all the selected students.
Message Body:

Dear Students,

We will have Prof.Kannan Moudgalya address the class on

22nd Jan 2019 at 11am in the Eklavya hall.

Please make sure you are there to attend his seminar.


Prof.Rebecca Raymond

Pause the tutorial and type the message as shown here in the Message body.
Click on Preview Then at the bottom, click on the Preview button, to preview the message before sending.
Highlight Update You can also update the message, if required, by clicking on the Update button.
Click on Send message To send the message, click on the Send message button.
Highlight the confirmation message.

Highlight the link.

You will see a confirmation message and a link to go to back to the participants lists.
Click on Back to participants list Click on Back to participants list.
Click on With selected users dropdown

Highlight Add a new note and Add a common note

Click on With selected users dropdown.

Notice the options to send notes; both private and common.

Click on the checkbox against Priya Sinha and Vivaan A Let’s select any 2 users.
With selected users -> Add a new note Select Add a new note from the With selected users dropdown.

Look at the crossword puzzle available on

I think you will find this interesting.

In the Content text area of one user, I will type the note as shown.

Check the "Ant in a box" puzzles on

This is the one I was discussing in the class.

Some similar puzzles are available at this link.

Try them out and let me know if you find any of them difficult.

In the Content text area next to another user, I will type the note as shown here.
Highlight the context dropdown Look at the Context dropdown to the right.
The Context of a note determines which users can see the note.
Highlight personal A personal note will be seen only by you and the student being sent to.
Highlight course A course note will be visible to the other teachers of this course.
Highlight site A site note will be visible to all teachers in all courses.
Most institutions have their own rules regarding communication between teachers and students.

You can decide the Context based on these guidelines.

Context ->course I will let the Context be course.
Click on Save changes Click on Save changes button when done.

With this, we come to the end of this tutorial.

Let us summarize.

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In this tutorial, we learnt how to:
  • Enroll users in a course
  • Make groups in a course and
  • Send messages and notes to students.
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Here is a small assignment for you.
  • Enroll all the users that were created by the Moodle site admin earlier, to the Calculus course.
  • Add new students to the existing groups and send them a welcome message.
  • Then send notes to the students.
  • Refer to the Assignment link of this tutorial for details.
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(About Spoken Tutorial Project)

The video at the following link, summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it.

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(About Spoken Tutorial Project)

The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

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(About Spoken Tutorial Forum)

Please post your timed queries in this forum.
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Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India. More information on this mission is available at the link shown.
This script has been contributed by Nancy and Priyanka.

And this is Nancy Varkey along with the Spoken Tutorial team signing off.

Thanks for joining.

Contributors and Content Editors

Nancyvarkey, Nirmala Venkat