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LibreOffice Writer is the word processor component of the LibreOffice Suite. It is the equivalent of Microsoft Word in Microsoft Office Suite. It is a free and open source software so it can be shared, modified and distributed without any restrictions. It provides the features of a word processor like edit text, text modifications, adding images, tables, objects, spell check, auto correct, etc. In addition, it provides the following important features:

  • Export to PDF
  • Built-in Drawing tools
  • Page layout methods

Basic Level

  1. Introduction to LibreOffice Writer
    • About LibreOffice Writer
    • Various toolbars in Writer
    • How to open a new and existing document
    • How to save and close a document
    • How to save as MS Word document
    • How to export as a PDF document
    • How save in different file format .odt, pdf, html .docx
    • How to change font name
    • How to change font size
    • How use to Align Centre
  2. Typing text and basic formatting in Writer
    • Alignment options in Writer
    • Difference between Bullets and Numbering
    • Various Bullets and Numbering options
    • How to Cut, Copy and Paste
    • How to make the text Bold, Underline, Italic
    • How to change Font name
    • How to change Font size
    • How to change Font color
    • How to align left, right, justified and centre
  3. Inserting images, hyperlinks, bookmarks in Writer
    • Inserting an Image file in Writer
    • Resizing the image
    • Moving the image to the desired location
    • Inserting a Hyperlink in Writer document
    • Inserting a Bookmark in Writer document
    • Customising the Bookmark feature
    • How to use Target in Document
    • How to create Path to another document
    • How to use Target file feature
  4. Table and Table Properties in Writer
    • Insert table
    • Add row
    • Modify row
    • Adjust table properties
    • Minimize column width
    • Table toolbar
    • Center Align
    • Alignment
    • Background color
    • Align bottom
    • Distribute columns evenly
    • Optimize Size
    • Split Table
    • Copy heading
    • Center Vertically
    • Auto format Styles
  5. Viewing and printing a document in Writer
    • How to use Print options
    • View Normal layout
    • View Web layout
    • How to view in Full screen mode
    • How to use Zoom slider
    • How to use Zoom head
    • How to use Zoom factor
    • Different Zoom & View layout options
    • How to use Fit width option
    • How to use Fit width and height option
    • How to use Print Preview option
    • Use Book view option

Intermediate Level

  1. Using Find, Replace and Autocorrect in Writer
    • Use Find and Replace option
    • Use Spell check option
    • Use Autocorrect feature
    • How to add abbreviation
    • How to Find Previous
    • How to Find Next
    • Use Find All option
    • Use Previous page option
    • Use Next page option
    • Use Replace All option
    • Change Language Settings
    • How to use Automatic Spell checking feature
    • How to Ignore double spaces feature
  2. Creating Newsletters in Writer
    • Use Column break option feature
    • How to Check Word count in the document
    • How to Add Image and Banner in the document
    • How to Add Text animation in the document
    • How to Add Watermark in the document
    • How to Highlight Text
    • Use Font Effects option
    • Use Drawing toolbar option
    • Check the Character count
  3. Header Footer and Notes
    • How to Insert Header in a document
    • How to Insert Footer in a document
    • How to Remove Header and Footer
    • How to Insert Footnote in a document
    • How to Insert Endnote in a document
    • How to Add Page number in Footer
    • How to Add Date in Header
    • How to Add Shadow to a page
    • How to Change character of Footnote
    • How to Highlight Footnote

Advanced Level

  1. Using Track Changes
    • How to Peer review a document
    • How to Enable Record Track changes option
    • How to Enable Show Track Changes option
    • How to Edit a document
    • How to Add comments in a document
    • How to Delete comment in a document
    • How to Reply to a comment in a document
    • How to Accept Changes in a document
    • How to Reject Changes in a document
    • How to change author name in a document
  2. Typing in Local languages
    • How to Install Language packages in Writer
    • How to Configure Local Language setting
    • How to add a new language to the system
    • How to type a text in a Local Language
    • How to use Language support option
    • How to check if the local language is activated or not
    • Learn how to use Hindi keyboard layout
    • How to add a language in input sources
    • Shortcut key to change input language

Contributors and Content Editors

Madhurig, Nancyvarkey, Pratik kamble