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LibreOffice Math is a software application designed for creating and editing mathematical formulae.It is bundled inside LibreOffice Suite and hence it is open source, free of cost and free to distribute. The formulae and equations created using Math can stand alone Or can be used in other documents in the LibreOffice Suite.The formulae can be embedded into documents in Writer or Calc.Some examples of formulae are fractions, integrals, equations and matrices.

Basic Level

  1. Introduction    
    • What is LibreOffice Math?
    • System requirements and Prerequisites for using Math.
    • Using the Formula Editor.
    • Writing a simple formula.
  2. Markup Language for writing formula, Formula Formatting    
    • Mark up language for writing formula
    • Formula formatting: Fonts, Alignment, and Spacing
  3. Using Greek characters, Brackets, Steps to Solve Quadratic Equation    
    • Using Greek characters like alpha, beta, theta and pi
    • Using Brackets
    • Writing Steps to solve a Quadratic Equation
  4. Matrices, Aligning Equations    
    • Write a Matrix
    • Aligning equations
  5. Derivatives, Differential Equations, Integral Equations, Logarithms    
    • Derivatives
    • Differential Equations
    • Integral Equations
    • Logarithms

Intermediate Level

  1. Set Operations, Factorials, Cross reference equations    
    • Write Set Operations
    • Write Factorials
    • Cross reference equations by numbering

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