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LibreOffice Draw is a vector graphics drawing program. Using Draw, we can create a wide variety of graphical images. Vector graphics store and display images as lines, circles, and polygons, rather than a collection of pixels. Vector graphics allow for easier storage and scaling of the image. Draw is fully integrated into the LibreOffice suite. An image created in Draw can be directly used in Writer and Impress, using a subset of the functions and tools from Draw. It is free and open-source software so it can be copied, reused and distributed free of cost.

Learners-- Anyone with basic computer knowledge.

Basic Level

1. Introduction to LibreOffice Draw

  • About LibreOffice Draw
  • Difference between bitmap and vector graphics
  • LibreOffice Draw workspace
  • About various toolbars
  • Create and save a document
  • Open and close a new document
  • Setup a Draw page
  • Insert basic shapes in Draw
  • Setup auto-save format using Options menu
  • Open an existing document

2. Drawing Basic Objects

  • Define an object
  • Select, move and delete an object
  • Resize an object using the handles
  • Insert objects from the shapes deck
  • Change the properties of the objects
  • Change the measurement unit of the rulers
  • Resize the objects using the rulers
  • About Rulers and Align toolbar
  • Difference between Centered and Center options

3. Working with Objects

  • Select and move the objects
  • Cut, copy and paste objects
  • Resize the objects using the handles
  • About dynamic resizing
  • Arrange the objects using the Arrange options
  • Draw some more objects
  • Group and ungroup objects
  • Edit individual objects in a group
  • Insert and delete text in the objects
  • Add new pages to the Draw file

4. Fill objects with color

  • Make the outlines invisible
  • Group the objects
  • Edit the grouped objects by entering into the group
  • Add and adjust a shadow to objects
  • About gradient and hatching
  • Fill objects with gradient
  • Create a new custom color
  • Import a bitmap into the Draw file
  • Set background for the Draw page
  • Show only the outline of an object without color against the background

5. Inserting text in objects

  • Format the text in objects
  • Draw a text box and insert text inside it
  • Edit the objects in the group
  • Insert lines and arrows
  • Drag, adjust and delete arrows
  • Change the properties of the line
  • Draw a curved line
  • About callouts
  • Insert callouts and insert text inside the callouts

6. Common Edit and Print Functions

  • About page margins
  • Set the customized paper size
  • Insert page numbers
  • Change the page number format
  • Insert date, time and author’s name.
  • About different formats of date and time
  • Use options dialog box to change the author’s name
  • Use undo and redo options to undo and redo the actions
  • Rename a page
  • Set the printing options

Intermediate Level

7. Creating Curves and Polygons

  • Enable the grid view.
  • Set the Page margins and Page orientation.
  • Set the font size to 24.
  • Draw polygons and curves.
  • Use handles to change the shape of the polygons.
  • Type text inside the polygons and curves.
  • Use the options available in the Curve drop-down.
  • Zoom and pan the page for better view.
  • Distort and elongate the polygons.
  • About mouse operations on the curves.

8. Editing Curves and Polygons

  • Change the shape of the polygons.
  • Enable the Edit points toolbar.
  • Use the tools in the Editpoints toolbar to change the shape of the curves.
  • Insert and move an edit point.
  • Type text in the polygons.
  • Convert a line to a curve.
  • Change the shape of the line.
  • Rotate the text box.
  • Draw arrows to show direction on the map.
  • Draw Bezier curve.

9. Creating Flowcharts

  • Draw a flowchart process box and insert text in it.
  • About flowchart process box.
  • Align the text inside the Process box.
  • Draw a flowchart decision box and insert text in it.
  • About flowchart decision box.
  • Draw a flowchart connector and insert text in it.
  • About Connector Lines and Glue Points in Draw.
  • Draw connectors using the glue points.
  • Insert text on the connectors lines.
  • About the difference between glue points and handles.

10. Manipulating Objects

  • Add a new page to the draw file.
  • Display grid and helplines.
  • Customize the size of the grids.
  • About Guides and Snap lines.
  • Enclose the map within the snap lines.
  • Edit and delete snap lines.
  • Position the objects using exact measurements.
  • Create a new line style.
  • About horizontal and vertical distribution.
  • Distribute the objects evenly.
  • Combine and merge the objects.

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