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LibreOffice Draw is a graphics software that allows you to create a wide range of vector graphics. There are two major types of graphics. One is vector graphics that is created and edited using LibreOffice Draw. The other is the bitmap or the raster image. Popular bitmap formats are BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG.

Basic Level

  1. Introduction to LibreOffice Draw    
    • LibreOffice Draw
    • Create and save an Impress Draw file (create, save, close and open)
    • LibreOffice Draw Workspace
    • Enable tool bars
    • Insert shapes (Example of Water Cycle will be worked upon here.)
  2. Create simple drawings    
    • Basic shapes (lines, arrows, rectangles and squares, circles)
    • (How to improve upon a water cycle diagram by adding shapes and so on.)
    • Geometric shapes (basic shapes, symbols)
    • Select an object
    • Delete an object
    • Basic aids (Ruler and Align toolbar)
  3. Basics of working with objects    
    • Cut, copy, paste objects
    • Resize objects dynamically using handles
    • Object Arrangement
    • Group and ungroup objects
    • Edit individual objects in a group
    • Moving objects with in a group (forward and backward)
  4. Fill objects with color
    • Fill colour and style and outline
    • Set page backgrounds
  5. Insert text in drawings    
    • Insert text directly inside an object
    • Working with text boxes and formatting text in objects
    • Set preferences for text
    • Indenting, spacing and aligning text
    • Placing text within callouts
    • Spelling checker
  6. Common editing and print functions    
    • Set the draw page for page size and margins
    • Paper size, page count, page numbers, date, and time
    • Undo and redo actions
    • Rename a page
    • Print a page

Intermediate Level

  1. Polygons and Curves    
    • Curves and Polygons
    • Various types of Polygons
    • Draw directions using arrows
    • Flow charts
    • Insert tables and graphs
    • Page Margins and Orientation
    • Font Type and Size modification
  2. Edit Curves and Polygons    
    • Use the Edit Points toolbar
    • Insert new points
    • Move existing points
    • Using control lines to change the shape of the objects
    • Group the objects together
  3. Flow Charts Connectors Glue Points    
    • Draw Flowcharts
    • Connect Flowcharts using Glue Points and Beizer curves
    • Points on the Beizer curve (Nodes)
    • Use the Edit Points toolbar to create a smooth curve
    • Add text to the shapes
    • Various text insertion options
    • Difference between Glue points and handles
    • Organizational charts and diagrams
  4. Working with objects    
    • Position objects using Grids and Guide lines
    • Use snap functions
    • Customize lines and arrowheads
    • Duplicate objects
    • Re-size objects exactly
    • Distribute objects
    • Combine,merge, subtract and intersect objects
  5. Import and Export Images
    • To import images into a Draw page and
    • To save a Draw file into various file formats.
  6. Basics of Layers Password Encryption PDF
    • What are Layers
    • Three types of Layers:
      • Layout Layer
      • Control Layer
      • Dimensions Layer
    • Export as PDF
    • Password Encryption to protect your Draw file
    • Unlock your Draw file

Advanced Level

  1. Working with 3D objects
    • how to create 3D objects
    • Extrusion
    • 3D Toolbar
    • 3D Rotation Object
  2. Set Draw Preferences
    • Properties
    • Create Versions
    • View in color/grayscale/black-and-white

Contributors and Content Editors

Minal, Nancyvarkey, PoojaMoolya, Pratik kamble