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LibreOffice Calc is the spreadsheet component of the LibreOffice Suite. It is the equivalent of Microsoft Excel in Microsoft Suite and has a number of unique features, including a system which automatically defines series of graphs, based on information available to the user .It is a free and open source software so it can be copied, re-used and distributed free of cost.

Exclusively created for CDAC by the Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay

Basic Level

  1. Introduction to LibreOffice Calc    
    • What is Calc,Who should use Calc,What can be done using Calc.
    • About spreadsheets,sheets and cells.
    • Basic features – parts of main Calc window - Title & Menu Bar, Standard Toolbar, Formatting Toolbar, Formula Bar, Status Bar
    • What is a cell, row, column, Create new document, enter data in one cell, save in Calc( CSV and other formats),opening/closing document.
    • Save as ods, csv, xls, xlsx and export to PDF
  2. Working with Cells    
    • How to enter numbers,text,numbers as text,date and time in Calc.
    • How to use the Format Cells dialog box.
    • How to Navigate between cells and in between sheets.
    • How to select items in rows,columns and sheets.
  3. Working with Sheets    
    • Inserting and Deleting rows and columns Calc.
    • Inserting and Deleting Sheets in Calc.
    • Renaming Sheets.
  4. Formatting Data    
    • Borders, Color, Formatting Text, Increasing Cell Size
    • Formatting multiple lines of text,numbers,fonts,cell borders,cell background
    • Automatic Wrapping and Using manual breaks
    • Merging cells, rows and columns, issues with using merge cells.
    • Shrinking text to fit the cell
  5. Basic Data Manipulation    
    • Paste and paste special (values, transpose), pasting a spreadsheet into writer as a table
    • Introduction to Formulas – Sum, Average, basic formula (=a*b+c)
    • Subtotal
    • Different kinds of functions available in spreadsheet
    • Sorting by Columns
    • Filtering Data - Basics
  6. Working with data    
    • Speed up using Fill tools and Selection lists.
    • Sharing content between sheets
    • Remove data,Replace data,Change part of a data.
  7. Viewing and printing a document    
    • Views options – Zoom option,Freezing and Splitting of screen, Page break view
    • Printing options and settings, header, footer
    • Print Margin

Intermediate Level

  1. Using Charts and graphs in Calc    
    • Creating,Editing and Formatting Charts
    • Types of charts
    • Resizing and moving of charts
  2. Images and graphics in Calc    
    • Inserting images in Calc
    • Modifying images
  3. Advanced Formatting and Protection    
    • Cell Protection
    • Ranges
    • Validity
  4. Formulas and Functions    
    • Creating formulas,operator types and referencing
    • Basic arithmetic and statistic functions - relative and fixed ($) referencing in a function
    • Rounding off numbers
    • If..else
    • Important string functions (left, right, middle, concatenate)
  5. Linking Calc Data    
    • Referencing other sheets and documents
    • Working with Hyperlinks

Advanced Level

  1. Auto-formatting cells and sheets    
    • How auto-formatting is done
    • Defining a new auto-format
    • Using themes and Conditional formatting
    • Hiding and showing data
  2. Sharing and Reviewing    
    • Recording Changes
    • Adding comments to changes
    • Accepting/Rejecting changes
    • Header and footer
  3. Macro in Calc    
    • Using macro recorder
    • Writing own functions in macro
    • Editing a macro,playing a macro, deleting a macro
  4. Working with Styles    
    • Types of Styles
    • Modifying Styles
    • Creating new styles
  5. Data manipulation    
    • Convert text to columns
    • Convert columns to txt
  6. Data Analysis    
    • Creating scenarios
    • Changing scenarios
    • Working with scenarios using navigator
    • Multiple operations in rows and columns
  7. Data Pilot    
    • Data source
    • Data pilot dialog
    • Working with the results of data pilot.
    • Filters

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