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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the spoken tutorial on Viewing a Presentation.
00:06 In this tutorial we will learn about:
00:10 View options and their uses
00:14 Master slide
00:16 Layouts for the slide
00:19 This tutorial is recorded using

Ubuntu Linux OS version 18.04 and LibreOffice Suite version 6.3.5

00:33 Let's open the presentation Sample hyphen Impress dot odp which we saved earlier.
00:41 This file has been provided to you in the Code files link on this tutorial page
00:48 Please download and extract the file
00:52 Make a copy and then use it for practicing
00:57 LibreOffice Impress has many View options that help to create a good presentation.
01:04 This is the Normal view.
01:07 If the presentation is in any other view, return to the Normal view by clicking on the Normal tab.
01:15 Let’s learn how to change the design of the slides.
01:20 Click on the slide titled Overview in the Slides Pane.
01:25 Go to the Sidebar on the right-hand side.
01:29 Click on the section named as Master Slides.
01:34 Under Master Slides, there are 3 sections.
01:38 Used in This presentation.

Recently Used and Available for Use.

01:46 The slide design used in this particular presentation is seen in Used in This presentation.

Let’s change this now.

01:57 From the Available for Use section, select any slide design of your choice.

I’m selecting the Classy Red slide design.

02:08 Notice the change in the design of the slide in the Workspace.

See, how easy it is to change the slide design.

02:18 Close the Master Slides section by clicking on the ‘X’ on the top right corner.
02:25 Next, we will see the Outline view.
02:29 Click on the Outline tab in the Workspace.
02:33 Alternatively, we can see the Outline view by clicking on the View menu in the menu bar.
02:41 Then click on the Outline option.
02:45 In the Outline view, all slides are arranged one below the other just like a Table of Contents.
02:53 Each slide in the Workspace appears as a thumbnail with the slide number on the left.

And the slide Heading appears next to the thumbnail.

03:06 Notice that the Overview slide heading is highlighted.
03:12 That indicates we were on the Overview slide when we selected the Outline tab.
03:18 Notice these black dots before each sentence in the form of bullet points.
03:25 When you hover the mouse over these bullet points, the cursor turns into a hand.
03:32 Let’s learn how to move a line item up or down to rearrange them within a slide.
03:40 Select the line item “Explain the long term course to follow” in the Overview slide.
03:47 Go to the Formatting bar at the top left.
03:51 Click on the Up arrow icon named as “Move Up”.
03:56 Notice that the selected line item moved one level up.
04:02 Again go to the Formatting bar at the top left.
04:07 Click on the Down arrow icon named “Move Down”.
04:12 Notice that the selected line item moved one level down.
04:18 We can also move selected line items across slides.
04:23 In the Formatting bar, once again click on the Down arrow icon.
04:29 Notice the selected line item now moved to the slide titled “Short Term Strategy”
04:37 Let us undo these changes by pressing CTRL + Z keys.
04:44 Our presentation appears in its original form again.
04:49 Next, we will use the Slide Sorter view to rearrange the slides.
04:56 Click on the Slide Sorter tab in the Workspace.
05:01 Alternatively, you can see the Slide Sorter view by clicking on the View menu in the menu bar.

Then click on the Slide Sorter option.

05:13 This view is useful to sort the slides in the desired order.
05:19 Click on slide number 3 and drag the slide before slide number 2
05:26 Now click anywhere in the Slide Sorter view.
05:30 Notice that both slides get rearranged!
05:35 Let us undo these changes also.
05:39 Next, we will see the Notes view.
05:43 Click on the Notes tab in the Workspace.
05:47 Alternatively, we can see the Notes view by clicking on the View menu in the menu bar.

Then click on the Notes option.

05:58 In the Notes view, we can write notes that will help us during our presentation.
06:05 Click on the “Click to add Notes” textbox below the slide on the Workspace.
06:12 Type some text inside it like I am doing here.
06:17 Now click anywhere outside the textbox.
06:22 When our slides are viewed on a projector, we will still be able to see our notes on our monitor
06:30 But our audience won’t see them on the projector screen
06:36 Now let’s click on the Normal tab again.
06:40 We can either show or hide the Sidebar on the right-hand side of Impress window.
06:47 To do so, click on the View menu in the menu bar.
06:52 Then check or uncheck the Sidebar option.
06:57 This will show or hide the sidebar on the right hand side accordingly.
07:04 Next, let’s learn how to change the layout of a slide.
07:09 Click on the Properties section from the Sidebar and then go to the Layouts property.
07:17 Then go to Title, Content over Content layout and click on it.
07:25 This changes the layout of the slide.
07:29 Alternatively, click on the Slide Layout icon drop-down in Standard Toolbar.
07:36 By clicking on any of the layouts, you can change the layout of the slide.
07:43 Let us save all the changes we made in our presentation by clicking on the Save icon.

And then close the file.

07:53 With this, we have come to the end of this spoken tutorial.

Let us summarize.

08:01 In this tutorial, we learnt about -

View options and their uses

08:09 Master slides and

Layouts for the slide

08:14 As an assignment.

Open “Practice hyphen Impress dot odp” file

08:21 Change the slide design of slide 3 using Master Slides
08:27 Interchange slide numbers 2 and 3
08:31 Change layout of slide 4 to ‘Title and 2 Content’
08:37 The video at the following link summarises the Spoken Tutorial project

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08:59 The Spoken Tutorial project is funded by MHRD, Govt. of India
09:06 This spoken tutorial was originally contributed by DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2011

This is Arvind and Manish from IIT Bombay signing off. Thank you for watching.

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