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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Creating Curves and Polygons in LibreOffice Draw.
00:07 In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with Polygons and Curves in Draw.
00:14 For this tutorial, you should have basic knowledge of LibreOffice Draw. If not, for relevant tutorials, please visit this website.
00:25 Here, we are using:Ubuntu Linux, version 10.04 and LibreOffice Suite, version 3.3.4.
00:34 What are polygons? The term poly means many. A many-sided figure is called a polygon.
00:43 We will learn how to a draw a map as shown in this slide. This map shows the route from the house to the school.
00:53 At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a similar diagram by yourself.
01:00 Let us switch to Draw. I have named this file as "RouteMap" and saved it on the Desktop.
01:09 First of all, let us enable the Grid view. To do so, click on View, select Grid and choose Display Grid.
01:19 Before we begin drawing, let us set the Page margins and the Page orientation.
01:26 Place the cursor on the Draw page and right-click for the Context menu.
01:33 Select Page and click Page Setup.
01:36 The Page Setup dialog-box appears.
01:40 Click on the Format drop-down and select A4. Select Orientation as Portrait.
01:49 The Left, Right, Top and Bottom margins are set to 1. Click OK.
01:57 Let us set the default font size to 24.
02:02 From the Main menu, select Format and Character.
02:06 The Character dialog-box appears.
02:10 Click the Font tab and in the Size field, scroll down and select 24. Click OK.
02:18 This will ensure that the text we type inside the shapes are clearly visible.
02:24 Now, let us begin by drawing the house.
02:28 Let’s insert a square to show the house and type "Home" inside it.
02:37 Next, let’s draw the park to the right of the house.
02:42 The park is an odd-shaped rectangle; the width on the left side is greater than the right side.
02:51 Let’s use a polygon to represent it. To draw a polygon, go to the Drawing toolbar.
02:58 Click on Curve and then click on the small black arrow next to the icon.
03:04 Now, select Polygon filled.
03:08 Place the cursor on the Draw page. Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor down. Release the mouse button.
03:18 We have drawn a straight line. Drag the mouse to the right until the shape is that of a right triangle.
03:26 Click the left mouse button and drag the mouse upward. Now, double-click the left mouse button.
03:35 You have drawn a polygon. Let’s type "Park" inside it.
03:41 Next to the Park, there is a Commercial Complex. This too is an odd-shaped polygon. Let’s draw it!
03:50 Go to the Drawing toolbar. Click on the small black arrow next to the Curve icon and click on Polygon filled.
04:00 Place the cursor on the Draw page. Hold the left mouse button and drag it down.
04:07 Now, release the mouse button. You see a straight line. Move the mouse to the left until the shape is that of a triangle.
04:19 Click the left mouse-button and drag the mouse upward. Now, hold down the Shift key and drag the cursor inwards.
04:31 Double-click the left mouse-button.
04:35 You have drawn yet another polygon. Let us type the text "Commercial Complex" inside it.
04:45 Following the previous steps, let's draw a parking lot. From the Drawing toolbar, let’s select Polygon filled. And then place the cursor on the Draw page and draw the polygon.
05:02 Now, let us type the text "Parking Lot" inside it.
05:08 Remember, you can draw a polygon with as many sides as you want.
05:14 Pause this tutorial and try this assignment. Draw five-sided, six-sided and ten-sided polygons.
05:23 A Residential Complex is right next to the house and is rectangular in shape.
05:30 From the Drawing toolbar, select Rectangle.
05:35 Then, place the mouse on the Draw page and drag to draw a rectangle.
05:41 We will name it "Residential Complex".
05:45 There is also a Play Ground in this locality. This is in the shape of a really long rectangle.
05:53 From the Drawing toolbar, select Polygon 45 degree Filled.
05:59 Place the cursor on the Draw page. Click and drag the left mouse-button down and release it.
06:07 Click and move the mouse to the right and release it. Now, click and drag the mouse upward to complete the rectangle.
06:17 Double-click the left mouse-button.
06:21 You have drawn yet another polygon!
06:25 Let us type the text "Play Ground" inside it.
06:30 Now, let’s draw the Lake next to the playground.
06:35 From the Drawing toolbar, select Freeform Line filled.
06:40 In the Draw page, press the left mouse-button and rotate the mouse in an anti-clockwise direction. Release the left mouse-button.
06:52 We have drawn a lake. Let’s type "Lake" inside it.
06:58 The last building in this area is the School.' The School campus is also in the form of a polygon.
07:07 Let’s draw this on our map now. Again from the Drawing toolbar, let us select Polygon 45 degree filled.
07:17 Next, let us place the cursor on the Draw page and draw the polygon. Finally, let’s double-click the mouse when the polygon has been completed.
07:28 Let’s type "School Campus" inside it.
07:34 Let’s insert a text-box and type the text "School Main Gates" inside it.
07:44 Let’s rotate the text-box and place it in the correct position.
07:48 Now, from the Main menu, select Modify and click Rotate.
07:54 Notice that the handles change to the color red. This implies that we are in the Rotate mode.
08:02 Can you see the small arc with arrows on either side? We use this to rotate the box.
08:09 Let’s place the cursor over the last handle on the top right corner of the text-box.
08:17 The Rotation curve appears.
08:21 Press the left mouse-button. Drag the curve in a clock-wise direction until it is placed in the correct position.
08:30 Now, click anywhere on the Draw page to exit the 'Rotate' mode.
08:36 Let’s also show the side entrance to the school.
08:41 Like in the previous step, let’s draw a text-box, enter the text "School Side Entrance" inside it.
08:50 Now, let’s draw directions using arrows. From the house, we have to turn right.
08:57 From the Drawing toolbar, let’s select Line Ends with Arrow.
09:02 Let’s move to the Draw page and draw the line.
09:08 Then walk past the Residential Complex and take a left.
09:14 Let’s draw another line to show this route.
09:19 Then, next to the Play Ground take the right, walk down.
09:25 Then take a right again to reach the School’s main gate.
09:32 We have drawn our first route. You would have noticed that two types of curves and polygons can be drawn.
09:41 One is using the Filled option and the other is without a fill. When you use the Filled option, the curve is filled with color.
09:52 You would have also noticed that each of the options in the Curve toolbar has a different method of mouse operation to draw the curve.
10:02 Here is an assignment for you. Draw curves and polygons using all the options in the Curve toolbar.
10:10 Notice, how the shape of the cursor and the mouse operations change with each selection of the curve or the polygon.
10:20 Check if you can change the fill color in the option Filled.
10:25 Watch the video available at the following link. It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
10:31 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.The Spoken Tutorial Project team: Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials.* Gives certificates for those who pass an online test.
10:45 For more details, please write to:contact at spoken hyphen tutorial dot org.
10:51 Spoken Tutorial project is a part of the Talk to a Teacher project. It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.
11:04 More information on this mission is available at:spoken hyphen tutorial dot org slash NMEICT hyphen Intro.
11:14 This tutorial has been contributed by DesiCrew Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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