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00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Copy Cataloging using Z39.50.
00:09 In this tutorial, we will learn how to add records in catalog by using Z39.50.
00:20 To record this tutorial, I am using Ubuntu Linux operating system 16.04
00:28 and Koha version 16.05.
00:33 Please ensure that your connected to the internet.
00:38 To follow this tutorial, learners should have knowledge of- Library Science,
00:45 Cataloging standards, AACR2 and MARC21.
00:54 To practice this tutorial, you should have Koha installed on your system.
01:00 And, you should also have Admin access in Koha.
01:05 For more details, please refer to the Koha Spoken Tutorial series on this website.
01:13 So, what is Z39.50?
01:18 Z39.50 is a client–server protocol for searching and retrieving information from remote computer databases.

In short, it is a tool used for copying Cataloging.

01:37 Let us begin.

First let me switch to the Koha interface and login as Superlibrarian, Bella.

01:47 On the Koha homepage, click on Koha administration.
01:53 On this page, scroll to the bottom and locate Additional parameters.
01:59 Then, click on Z39.50/SRU servers.
02:07 A new page Z39.50/SRU servers administration opens up.
02:16 There are two tabs here-+New Z39.50 server and +New SRU server.
02:26 Click on the tab +New Z39.50 server.
02:32 A new page opens with the title New Z39.50 server.
02:40 Note that in order to add target Z39.50 Server, we should know the target server details.
02:51 If you don't know any of the Z39.50 server details, you can find the list of Z39.50 servers on this URL.
03:05 The IRSpy page opens up, prompting us to fill in some details.
03:12 Let’s begin.
03:14 Leave the field (Anywhere) as blank.
03:18 For Name, I will type: Library of Congress.
03:23 This is because it is one of the biggest library and has a large bibliographical data.
03:31 Next, in the field for Country, from drop down select United States.
03:38 For Protocol, from the drop down select Z39.50.
03:46 You may fill in the rest of the details as per your requirements.
03:51 Then click on the Search button at the bottom of the page.
03:57 A new page opens with the search results.
04:01 A list of 9 libraries is displayed under various heads such as-


Host Connection Reliability,


Port and


04:16 These details will be used for filling in the details on the New Z39.50 server in Koha.
04:26 Note that you may see a different list of libraries which may be more than 10.
04:32 Remember, before adding any target Z39.50 server please ensure the Host Connection Reliability.
04:43 I will click on the Title : Library of Congress.
04:48 A new page with the heading Library of Congress, opens.
04:54 Keep this page open, as we will need the details on this page a little later.
05:01 Now, let us go back to the New Z39.50 server page that we had left open earlier in this tutorial.
05:12 and start filling in the necessary details on this page.
05:17 The details are in the Library of Congress page which we have kept open.
05:23 So let’s start.
05:25 On the New Z39.50 server page, for Server name, type Library of Congress.
05:34 This detail is from the section Name, in the Library of Congress page.
05:41 I have filled in a few other details on the New Z39.50 server page which I had noted from the Library of Congress page.
05:54 You may pause the video and fill in the details as per your requirements.
06:01 Please note that the fields marked in red are mandatory.
06:06 Next, we see the check-box Preselected (searched by default).
06:12 Click this if you want the database of this particular library to be searched always, by default.

I will leave it unchecked.

06:23 Now we come to the field for Rank (display order).

If you want this library to be listed at the top of the list of Libraries, then enter 1 here.

06:37 Note that if you want to add multiple z39.50 targets you can arrange them as per the rank.
06:47 For Syntax, from the drop down, I will select MARC21/USMARC.

You may choose any Syntax as per your requirement.

07:00 For Encoding, Koha by default, selects utf8.

I will leave it as it is.

07:08 But you may select any other value as per your requirement.
07:14 Next is Time out (0 its like not set).
07:20 Here, type the number of seconds that you wish to wait for the results to appear.

I will enter 240.

07:32 For Record type, Koha by default, auto selects Bibliographic.

On doing so, each record will have a Bibliographic detail.

07:44 After all details are filled in, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.
07:51 The page Z39.50/SRU servers administration opens again.
08:00 We can see the details that were added under different headings, on this page.
08:06 Now, to search records from this library, go to the Koha homepage

and click on Cataloging.

08:16 A new page with two options opens.

+New record and

New from Z39.50/SRU.

08:29 Go to the New from Z39.50/SRU and from the drop-down select BOOKS.
08:40 A new window Z39.50/SRU search opens.
08:48 Locate the field Search targets at the extreme right side of the page.
08:54 Here, you can see the Z39.50 target that we had added earlier in this tutorial.


09:07 Now, click on the check-box adjacent to LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.
09:14 On the left side of the same page is Z39.50/SRU search with various fields.
09:25 Among these fields, locate Title and type: Clinical Microbiology.
09:33 You may fill in the rest of fields if you wish to.

I will leave them as blank.

09:40 Now click on the Search button at the bottom of the page.
09:46 Before clicking however, please ensure that you are connected to the internet.
09:52 Another new page Results opens, showing details with the heading :

Server, Title, Author, Date, Edition, ISBN, LCCN, MARC and Card.

10:11 Now, go to the extreme right side of the page and locate the field Import.
10:18 I will click on Import for the field Title: Clinical Microbiology.
10:25 You may click on Import for any other Title as per your requirement.
10:32 When Import is clicked, a new window named Add MARC record opens.
10:39 You will see some of the tags that have been imported from the Library of Congress database.
10:47 But, the blank fields for the respective tags have to be filled by you, as per your requirements.
10:55 Recall, we have filled in the details of this page in an earlier tutorial.
11:02 Pause the video and fill the details.
11:06 After filling in the details, click on Save button at the top of the page.
11:13 A new page Items for Clinical microbiology by Ross, Philip W. opens.
11:22 Now, click on the Add item button at the bottom of the page.
11:28 The page Items for Clinical microbiology by Ross, Philip W. opens.
11:36 With this, we have successfully imported the details of the book Clinical microbiology from the Library of Congress into Koha.
11:48 Let us summarize.
11:50 In this tutorial, we learnt how to add records in Catalog by using Z39.50.
12:00 Assignment-

Add records of a Serial in Catalog by using Z39.50.

12:10 The video at the following link summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it.

12:18 The Spoken Tutorial Project team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

12:28 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
12:32 Spoken Tutorial project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.

More information on this mission is available at this link.

12:45 This is Bella Tony from IIT Bombay, signing off.

Thank you for joining.

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