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00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on How to place an order for a book.
00:06 In this tutorial, we will learn to-

place an order for a Book,

00:11 close a Basket (Order),
00:13 and receive a shipment.
00:17 To record this tutorial, I am using:

Ubuntu Linux OS 16.04 and

Koha version 16.05

00:30 To follow this tutorial, learners should have knowledge of Library Science.
00:36 To practice this tutorial, you should have Koha installed on your system.
00:42 And, you should also have Admin access in Koha.
00:47 If not, please refer to the Koha Spoken Tutorial series on this website.
00:53 To begin, let’s login to Koha as Superlibrarian Bella.
01:00 First of all, we will start by enabling ‘receiving an order’.
01:06 We will be using this information later in this tutorial.
01:11 Go to Koha Administration.
01:15 Click on Global System Preferences.
01:19 Acquisitions preferences page opens.
01:23 Under the section Preference, for AcqCreateItem, from the drop- down change 'placing an order' to ‘receiving an order’.
01:37 Next click on Save all Acquisitions preferences at the top of the page.
01:45 Let’s move ahead.
01:47 Go to the Koha Homepage, go to Acquisitions and click on plus New vendor.
01:58 A new page Add vendor opens.
02:02 Under the section Company details, go to Name
02:08 and in the field, type: Powai Book Agency.
02:13 Please Note: we can add multiple vendors, likewise.
02:20 Fill in the details like Contact details.
02:24 I have filled out a few details here.You may do so likewise.
02:30 Remember to check the check-boxes for- Primary acquisitions contact
02:36 Primary serials contact
02:39 Contact about late orders and Contact about late issues.
02:46 Clicking these check-boxes will be useful to send email notifications, related to these options, to the vendor.
02:55 If you do not have an information for a particular field, then leave it blank.
03:01 Under the section Ordering information,

for List Prices are, Koha by-default, selects RUPEE.

03:11 And, similarly for Invoice prices are, Koha by-default, selects RUPEE.
03:19 For Tax number registered:, select Yes.
03:25 For List prices:, select Include tax.
03:30 For Invoice prices:, select Include tax.
03:35 I will leave Tax rate as it is.
03:39 Then I will enter Discount as 10% and Delivery time as 14 days.
03:50 I will leave the Notes field blank.
03:54 After filling in all the details, click on Save at the bottom of the page.
04:01 A new page opens up.
04:04 Now, adjacent to the name of the vendor, click on plus New basket.
04:11 On the new page- Add a basket to Powai Book Agency, fill in the details for Basket name:.
04:20 I will add IITB/ST/Books/2017-10.
04:30 Some details will be filled in by default, by Koha.
04:35 For any change in the default details of Billing place, Delivery place and Vendor,

select the required option from the drop-down.

04:46 Add Internal note and/or the Vendor note if any.
04:52 As Internal note, I will type For Biology Section.
04:57 For Vendor note, I will type ‘To be delivered on 22 May 2017’.
05:05 Depending upon the requirement, click on Orders are standing:. I will leave the check-box blank.
05:14 After filling in all the details, click on Save at the bottom of the page.
05:21 On the new page that opens, click on the tab plus Add to basket.
05:29 A dialog- box ‘Add order to basket’ opens up.
05:34 Now, select a book to be ordered from the following options.
05:39 I will click on From a new (empty) record.
05:44 Another page with the heading 'New order' opens.
05:49 Enter the title of the book which has to be ordered.
05:53 I will type Industrial Microbiology.
05:57 Next comes Accounting details.
06:01 For Quantity, enter 5.
06:05 For Fund, Koha by-default, selects Books Fund.
06:10 Here remember, if multiple funds are available then we can select as per the requirement.
06:17 Next, fill in the details for Currency.
06:21 Here, Koha by-default, has selected RUPEE.
06:26 You may choose as per your requirement from the drop-down.
06:31 Enter Vendor price as 1000.
06:35 Next is Uncertain price:.
06:38 Select this check-box if you are uncertain about the price.

I will leave it blank.

06:46 Next is Tax rate.

Koha by-default, selects Tax rate as 0%.

06:55 I will select Discount as 20%.
07:00 Note that Koha will auto-calculate the-Replacement cost as 1000,
07:06 Budgeted cost as 800,
07:09 Total as 4000 and Actual cost as 0.00.
07:17 Also note that Replacement cost and Actual cost are editable.
07:23 Type the Internal note and Vendor note if any.
07:27 I will keep Statistic 1 and Statistic 2 as blank.
07:32 And then click on Save at the bottom of the page.
07:37 A new page with a dialog- box appears.
07:41 Warning! You will exceed 10.00% of your fund.
07:47 Do you want to confirm this order?

Click on Yes, I confirm.

07:54 A page opens with the Basket details - Basket IITB/ST/Books/2017-10 (2) for Powai Book Agency.
08:07 It also shows various tabs.
08:10 We will now learn how to close a basket.
08:14 On the same Basket details page, click on the tab Close this basket.
08:21 It means the Order is final and can be sent to the respective vendor.
08:27 A dialog- box opens- Are you sure you want to close Basket IITB/ST/Books/2017-10?
08:41 Click on the button Yes.
08:44 A new page with the name of the vendor Powai Book Agency appears.
08:50 Do not to close this page yet, as we have to learn few a more things here.
08:56 Moving ahead, we will learn how to Receive shipment.
09:01 On the same page, click on the tab Receive Shipment.
09:06 A new page opens - Receive shipment from vendor Powai Book Agency.
09:13 Under the section Receive a new shipment, fill in the Vendor invoice as IITB/ST/Books/2017-10 .
09:28 Koha will auto-select Shipment date .
09:32 Note that date of receipt is the Shipment Date.
09:37 I will skip Shipment Cost and Shipment Fund.
09:41 Click on the Next button located at the bottom of the page.
09:46 Another page- Receipt summary for Powai Book Agency opens up.
09:52 Scroll down and click Finish receiving at the bottom of the page.
09:57 Another page opens with the heading Invoice: IITB/ST/Books/2017-10.
10:07 The Shipment Date is filled by Koha as per the details entered earlier.
10:13 And I will select Billing Date as 05/23/2018.
10:21 I will keep Shipping cost as blank.
10:25 Click on Close and then on Save at the bottom of the page.
10:31 A new page, Invoice has been modified opens.
10:36 Click on Go to receipt page.
10:40 Now you will be able to see- Receipt summary for Powai Book Agency.
10:46 You may now log out from Koha.
10:49 Go to the top right corner of the Koha interface.
10:54 Click on Spoken Tutorial Library and select Logout from the drop-down.
11:01 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.
11:04 Let us summarize.
11:07 In this tutorial, we learnt to: place an order for a Book,
11:13 close a Basket (Order) and receive a shipment.
11:19 For Assignment- prepare a Budget for ‘Books’.
11:25 Under this, create Funds as ‘Civil Engineering’.
11:30 Order a book through an existing vendor ‘Powai Book Agency’.
11:36 The video at the following link summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it.

11:44 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

11:52 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
11:56 Spoken Tutorial project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.

More information on this mission is available at this link.

12:07 This is Bella Tony from IIT Bombay, signing off.

Thank you for joining.

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