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00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on How to add Subscription in Serials.
00:07 In this tutorial, we will learn how to add a subscription for a new serial.
00:15 To record this tutorial, I am using:

Ubuntu Linux OS 16.04 and

Koha version 16.05.

00:29 To follow this tutorial, learners should have knowledge of Library Science.
00:35 You should have Koha installed on your system.
00:39 And, you should also have Admin access in Koha. If not, please visit the Koha Spoken Tutorial series on this website.
00:50 In an earlier tutorial, we had learnt how to catalog Serial subscriptions.
00:57 In this tutorial, we will learn how to add a new subscription for serials.
01:04 Login with Superlibrarian Bella and her password.
01:10 As explained in an earlier tutorial in this series, create a new Vendor for Serials subscription.
01:18 I will give the name Mumbai Journal supplier. Then I have added an email id. - Mumbaijournals@gmail.com.
01:30 Remember to check the check-boxes for-

Primary acquisitions contact:,

Primary serials contact:,

Contact about late orders and

Contact about late issues.

01:46 These details will be used later in this tutorial.
01:51 Likewise, you have to fill in the details of your vendor.
01:56 Here is the screenshot of the Journal that we have to subscribe.
02:01 All details shown here are the ones I will be entering in my Koha interface.
02:08 Let us go to the Koha interface.
02:12 Now, on the Koha homepage, click on Serials.
02:18 On the page that opens, click on ‘New Subscription’.
02:24 It will open another new page that says Add a new subscription (1/2).
02:30 Here, we will be prompted to fill in some details.
02:35 For Vendor, click on the tab Search for vendor adjacent to two empty boxes.
02:43 In a new window, a new page Serial subscription: search for vendor opens up.
02:50 In the field for Vendor name, I will type Mumbai Journal Supplier.
02:56 You should type the name of your vendor here. Now, click on the OK button on the right side of this field.
03:05 A new page showing the Vendor search results opens.
03:10 In the table below, under the section Select:, click on Choose which is adjacent to the Vendor name.
03:19 The same page, Add a new subscription (1/2) re-opens. Do not close this page as this will be used again later in the tutorial.
03:31 Next is Record . Adjacent to the Record are two blank boxes.
03:37 Under these blank boxes are two tabs:

Search for record and Create record.

03:46 In case the record already exists then click on Search for record.
03:53 Else, click on the tab Create record to create a new entry for the respective serial.
04:01 In an earlier tutorial, we have already cataloged a serial with the title Indian Journal of Microbiology.
04:10 Therefore, we will click on the tab Search for record.
04:16 A new window Catalog search opens.
04:21 In the field for Keyword, enter Indian.
04:27 Then, click on Search at the bottom of the page.
04:32 A new page, Search results from 1 to 1 of 1, opens.
04:39 It has the following details as entered earlier:

Title- Indian Journal of Microbiology,

Publisher- Springer,

ISSN- 0046-8991.

04:58 You will see the details that you entered.
05:02 Next, click on Choose button at the right corner of the table.
05:07 The same window closes and the details entered appear on the page-
05:13 Add a new subscription (1/2), in the field for Record.

In my case, it shows number 3.

05:22 It may be different on your interface depending upon the number of entries that you have made.
05:29 Moving on, I will leave the following as they are.
05:33 Let’s proceed.

For Library, I will select Spoken Tutorial Library from the drop-down.

05:41 If required, you may fill in the-

Public note and

Nonpublic note.

05:47 I will keep them blank.
05:50 Next is Patron notification:.

From the drop-down, select Routing List.

05:59 For Grace period:, I will select 15 day(s).
06:04 For Number of issues to display to staff:, enter 4.
06:10 For Number of issues to display to the public:, enter 4.
6:15 After entering all the details, click on Next at the bottom of the page.
06:22 A new page Add a new subscription (2/2) opens.
06:27 For the section Serials Planning, enter the following-
06:32 For First issue publication date:, I will enter 01/01/2017.
06:41 For Frequency:, I will select ⅓ months i.e. quarterly from the drop-down.
06:48 Subscription length:-

Select issues, if not already selected from the drop-down. Enter 4 in the box for enter amount in numerals.

07:01 Subscription start date: enter 01/01/2017.

Subscription end date: enter 01/12/2017.

07:20 Numbering pattern:- from the drop-down, select Volume, Number.
07:26 Locale- select English from the drop down. You may choose a suitable option from the drop-down, if the language is other than English.
07:38 Next, enter the following for the table for Volume and Number.
07:43 Begins with: Volume= 57,

Begins with: Number =1,

Inner counter: Number =4.

07:55 However, if you want to change the pattern-type then click on Show/Hide advanced pattern.
08:04 To edit the entries, click on modify pattern at the bottom of the Advanced prediction pattern table.
08:12 Note that Pattern name should be: Volume, Number.
08:18 Numbering formula should be: Vol.{X}, No.{Y}.
08:24 In the table Advanced prediction pattern, Koha by default, selects values for-

Label: For column X as Volume, column Y as Number.

08:39 Begins with :

For column X as 57,

Column Y as 1 and so on.

08:48 Now, click on the Test prediction pattern button at the bottom of the page.
08:54 Prediction pattern will appear on the same page towards the right side.
09:00 Prediction pattern will show the details of-

Number, Publication date and Not published.

09:11 Lastly, click on Save subscription button at the bottom of the page.
09:18 A new page-

Subscription for Indian Journal of Microbiology with the following details opens: Information, Planning, Issues and Summary.

09:34 Click on the tab Planning.
09:37 Check the following-

The tab Starting with: should be Volume and Number: 57 and 1.

09:46 For the tab Rollover:, Volume and Number should be 99999 and 12.
09:56 Next, click the tab Issues.

This will show the following details- Issue number: as Vol. 57 and No. 1 Planned date: as 01/01/2017.

10:17 Published date: as 01/01/2017

Published date (text): would be blank, Status: Expected.

10:31 With this, the Journal subscription is added successfully.
10:36 Purpose of adding Subscription of Serials is for keeping track of-

Journals, Magazines,

10:43 Serials,

Newspapers and other items that are published on a regular schedule.

10:50 You may now log out from Koha.
10:53 To do so, go to the top right corner of the Koha interface. Click on Spoken Tutorial Library and select log out from the drop-down.
11:05 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.
11:09 Let us summarize. In this tutorial, we learnt how to add a Subscription for a new serial.
11:18 For Assignment:

Add a new Subscription for Journal of Molecular Biology.

11:26 The video at the following link summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project. Please download and watch it.
11:33 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team conducts workshops and gives certificates. For more details, please write to us.
11:42 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
11:46 Spoken Tutorial project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India. More information on this mission is available at this link.
11:58 This is Bella Tony from IIT Bombay, signing off. Thank you for joining.

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