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00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Access your Library Account on the Web.
00:07 In this tutorial, we will learn how to access your Library Account as a patron on the Web,
00:15 and it’s benefits.
00:18 To record this tutorial, I am using Firefox web browser.
00:24 This tutorial assumes that your system administrator has a Koha Library installed on a server.
00:32 The SuperLibrarian or Library Staff has created some Item types in this Koha Library.
00:40 This tutorial assumes that you know the URL of this Koha Library
00:46 and You are a patron of this library.
00:50 If not, please contact your Librarian or system administrator for the same.
00:57 Let’s begin. Open your Web Browser and type:
01:12 This URL is based on the port number and domain name, given by your sys-ad at the time of installation.
01:21 Now, press Enter.
01:24 A new OPAC page with the heading Welcome to Spoken Tutorial Library opens.
01:32 On the top right corner of the OPAC page, click on Login to your account.
01:40 This login is for the patrons of the library.
01:44 On the new window that opens, we have to enter our patron Login: and Password.
01:52 Recall that we had created a Patron as Ms. Reena Shah in an earlier tutorial.
02:00 I will login as Reena and type her password here.
02:05 If you created a different partron, then use those login details here.
02:11 A new page Hello, Reena Shah opens.
02:15 This page reflects the details of the summary of the Patron.
02:20 The page shows details for Checked out (1) items like:
02:25 Title- Exploring Biology
02:28 Sharma, Sanjay
02:30 Due- 10/08/2018
02:36 Barcode- 00002
02:41 Fines- No.
02:44 Remember, this entry was made in an assignment of an earlier tutorial.
02:50 Note the other tabs on the left side of the page.
02:55 your summary, your fines,
02:59 your personal details, your tags,
03:04 change your password, your search history,
03:08 your reading history, your privacy,
03:12 your purchase suggestions, your messaging and your lists.
03:20 Upon clicking these tabs, details of the Patron opens up.

I will explain about these tabs later in this tutorial.

03:30 On the top left corner of the OPAC interface, notice that there are two tabs: Cart and Lists.
03:39 If you wish to add any Library item to a cart then do the following-
03:45 Search for the item in OPAC as explained earlier in this series.
03:51 I will search for the book Microbiology. You may search an item that you want from your library.
04:00 The search results of that keyword appears.
04:04 Under each title, the following options appear- Place Hold, Save to Lists , Add to cart.
04:15 Note that the option Place Hold will appear only for the items that can be issued by the library.
04:23 Click on the option Add to cart for adding any particular item to the cart.
04:30 In case multiple items have to be added to the cart then do the following steps.
04:37 Locate the tag Select titles to: just above the list of items.
04:45 To add multiple items to the cart, click on the radio button on the left of the respective items.
04:53 Now, go to the top. The tag Select titles to will appear as With selected titles.
05:04 From the drop-down, click on Cart. All the selected items will move to the cart.
05:12 Next, go to the top left corner of the interface and locate the tab Cart.
05:20 From the drop-down, click on Items in your cart:2
05:25 Please note: number 2 represents the total number of selected items.
05:31 As I selected 2 items, the number here is 2.
05:36 If you selected a different no. of items, then that no. will appear on your interface.
05:44 On clicking, a new window Your cart with the following options appears:

More details , Send,

05:54 Download , Print,
05:58 Empty and close.
06:01 You may explore these on your own.
06:04 After exploring, close this window.
06:08 To do so, go to the top left corner of the page and click on the cross button.
06:15 We are now in the OPAC interface.
06:19 In case, an item has to be added to Lists then click on Save to Lists, at the bottom of each item.
06:31 On clicking, a new window Add to a list: opens, with the title of the particular item.
06:39 In my case, Industrial Microbiology, Patel, Arvind H.
06:45 Under the section Add to a new list:, in the field for List name:, type the name for the list.
06:55 This is purely for your reference.
06:58 I will type: Microbiology here.
07:02 You may give a name as per your requirement.
07:07 Next, under the section Category:, from the drop-down click on Private if not already selected by Koha.
07:19 This ensures that the list will be visible only to you.
07:24 Next, click on Save at the bottom of the page.
07:30 We are again at the OPAC interface.
07:34 Now, at the top left corner of the OPAC interface, click on the tab Lists.
07:42 From the drop-down, I will click on Microbiology.
07:46 If you gave a different name for your list, then click on that name.
07:53 The saved items now appears under the list.
07:58 Now let us look at the tabs on the left side.
08:03 To begin with, I will click on the tab your personal details.
08:09 A new page with the details of Ms. Reena Shah opens up.
08:16 Next, click on your reading history, on the left side of the same page.
08:24 A page Checkout history opens up with the details:

Title, Item type,

08:33 Call no and Date.
08:38 Now, click on your purchase suggestions, on the left side of the same page.
08:46 A new page Your purchase suggestions opens up.
08:51 Now click on the tab New purchase suggestion.
08:57 A new page opens with the heading Enter a new purchase suggestion.
09:04 Here we are prompted to fill in a few details.
09:09 Title, Author, Copyright date,
09:15 Standard number (ISBN, ISSN or other),
09:21 Publisher, Collection title,
09:26 Publication place, Item type,
09:31 Reason for suggestion: and Notes.
09:35 Note that: the Title field marked in red color is mandatory.
09:41 I will enter the Title as Genetics.
09:45 Then I’ll enter the Standard number (ISBN, ISSN or other) number as- 1234567891.
10:00 Click on Submit your suggestion at the bottom of the page.
10:05 A new page Your purchase suggestions opens again.
10:11 With this, we have learnt how a patron can use OPAC to search a book in a Koha Library.
10:20 Lastly, log out from the OPAC account by clicking on Logout at the top right corner of the page.
10:29 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.
10:33 Let us summarize.

In this tutorial, we learnt how to access your Library Account as a patron on the Web and it’s benefits.

10:48 For assignment, make a purchase suggestion for another book.
10:54 The video at the following link summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.

Please download and watch it.

11:02 The Spoken Tutorial project team conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details, please write to us.

11:12 Post your timed queries in this Forum.
11:16 Spoken Tutorial project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.

More information on this mission is available at this link.

11:28 This is Bella Tony from IIT Bombay, signing off.

Thank you for joining.

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