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JavaScript is a programming language written by Brendan Eich which can be embedded in Web pages and can process numbers and modify the contents of forms. While in development, JavaScript had been known as Mocha, then LiveWire, then LiveScript. Its core script syntax closely resembled Java, so it was finally renamed JavaScript when it was released.

It is a programming language which makes web pages interactive. It runs on the visitor's computer and hence does not require constant downloads from any web site. It does not need a separate compiler to run, as it is embedded in the internet browser by default. JavaScript supports all the structured programming syntax (e.g., if statements, while loops, switch statements, etc.). One partial exception is scoping. C-style block-level scoping is not supported (instead, JavaScript has function-level scoping). JavaScript is currently being used as an essential language to create interactive website globally.

Basic knowledge of HTML serves as an added advantage, as it makes the user more comfortable with JavaScript. This set of tutorials will cover features and usage of JavaScript (version 1.8.x). Please see the associated text box of individual spoken tutorials on the website to decide the versions of JavaScript and OS to which it is applicable.

Spoken Tutorials on JavaScript is being worked upon by Manpreet Singh Anand and Bharat Ghimire from Acharya Narendra Dev College, Delhi University,Govindpuri, Delhi.

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These tutorials would help you to understand the basics of javascripting and how the to develop javascript and execute them. In this section we would go through the basics of Javascript, to write simple javascript program and manipulate data.

Introduction to Scripting


This part of the tutorial would help you understand what is javascript? It would include :

  • A disciplined approach to designing .
  • Changes that are need before running the programing browser.
  • How it is different form java.
  • Feature of javascript.

/Simple Program/

  • Demonstration of a simple program.

Modifying our first program

  • Displaying a line of coloured text using html.
  • Displaying multiple lines of text.
  • Displaying Text in an Alert Dialog

Obtaining user input with prompt dialogs

In This Section We Introduce the Way to Obtaining Input Form User:

  • Creating a dynamic welcome page
    • By using prompt dialog
    • Use of various keywords

Types of operator in javascript

  • Types of operators in javascript
  • Their associativity and precedence
  • Writing a simple programme using different operators.

Control Statements 1:


  • What is an algorithm/pseudocode
  • Explaining basic concepts of an algorithm with the help of an example

Control Structures

  • Types of control structures
  • If selection statements
  • Creating a simple programme using If loops

If...Else selection statements

  • How to use
  • When to use
  • Expain with the help of simple program

While repetition statement

  • How to use
  • When to use
  • Expain with the help of simple program

Counter-Controlled Repetition

  • How to declare a counter.
  • Constructing loops controlled by the value of the counter.

Sentinel-Controlled Repetition

  • Defining a Sentinel
  • Constructing loops controlled by the value of the Sentinel.

Assignment Operators

  • Defining different assignment operators.
  • Defining compound assignment operators.

Increment and Decrement operators

  • Using increment operators
  • Using Decrement operators

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