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Title of script: Mango pattern for textile design

Author: Arthi.A

Keywords: Inkscape, Patterns in Inkscape, Repeat patterns using cloning, Draw using Pattern along Path

Visual cue
Opening Slide Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on “Mango Pattern for textile design” using Inkscape.
Learning Objectives (Slide) In this tutorial we will learn to create a
  • Mango pattern
  • Draw using Pattern along Path
System requirement (Slide) To record this tutorial, I am using
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04 OS
  • Inkscape version 0.91
Open Inkscape Let us open Inkscape.
Select Bezier tool >> mode to Create Spiro path >> Shape to Ellipse Select Bezier tool.

On the Tool Controls bar, change

  • the Mode to Create Spiro path
  • and the Shape to Ellipse.
Draw a mango pattern in the canvas Now draw a mango type design in the canvas as demonstrated.

It should look like a mango pattern.

Select Star tool Next select the Star tool.
Draw a star >> Selector tool Now draw a star on the canvas.

Click on the Selector tool.

Tool controls bar >> change width and height to 30 >> Change the color to red On the Tool controls bar, change the Width and Height to 30.

Change the color to red.

Point to the star Next we have to create a row pattern of the star.
Edit menu >> Clone >> Create Tiled Clones >> Reset To do so, go to Edit menu, click on Clone and Create Tiled Clones.

Click on Reset.

Change rows to 1 and columns to 36 >> Create Change the number of Rows to 1 and Columns to 46.

Number of Columns may vary according to the size of the mango shape.

Click on Create.

Press Ctrl + G Now the row pattern is created.

Select all the stars and press Ctrl + G to group them.

Select both shape and star Now select both the mango shape and the star patten.
Extensions >> Generate from Path >> Pattern along Path Go to Extensions, click on Generate from Path and then on Pattern along Path.

Click on Apply and close the dialog box.

Point to the star pattern Observe star pattern is formed on the shape.
Delete mango shape and star row Now select the mango shape and the star row and delete them.
Press Ctrl + D Select the star pattern and press Ctrl + D to duplicate it.
Resize the pattern Now select the duplicated pattern and resize it by pressing Ctrl key.
Place the pattern in the middle of the original Keep it in the middle of the original pattern.
Point to the design Let us now fill the empty area inside the mango pattern with another design.
Select Bezier tool Select the Bezier tool.

Draw a design as demonstrated.

Path menu >> Path Effects Now go to Path menu. Select Path Effects.
Point to Pattern along Path Under Pattern along Path, we can find many options.
Click on Edit on-canvas. In Pattern source, click on the 1st option, that is Edit on-canvas.
Point to the nodes Observe there are 4 nodes created on the top left of the canvas.
Move the nodes near flower pattern Let me zoom in to see the nodes clearly.

Move it near the pattern.

Drag the nodes Now click on the nodes and drag.

Now observe the change in the shape.

Selector tool >> Path menu >> Object to Path Click on the Selector tool.

Now go to Path menu and click on Object to Path.

This is done to avoid any change in the shape, while resizing.

Resize and place inside the mango pattern Resize the pattern as shown.

Duplicate it and place inside the Mango pattern.

Draw a star on the canvas Next let us fill the empty area inside the smaller mango pattern.

Click on the Star tool and draw a star.

Click on inner handle and draw a shape Click on the inner handle and recreate a shape like this.

Change the color to blue.

Selector tool >> Resize >> Duplicate Click on the Selector tool and resize the shape.

Duplicate this shape and fill the smaller mango pattern.

Press Ctrl + A >> Press Ctrl + G Press Ctrl + A to select all the objects.

And press Ctrl + G to group them.

Resize the pattern >> Place on top left of the canvas Resize the pattern and place it on the top left of the canvas.
Edit menu >> Clone >> Create Tiled clones We can repeat this pattern using cloning.

Go to Edit menu. Click on Clone and then on Create Tiled clones.

Symmetry tab >> Simple translation Under the Symmetry tab, the mode should be Simple translation.
Change rows to 8 and columns to 5 Change the number of rows to 8 and number of columns to 5.
Shift tab >> Change Shift Y of Per column to 30 Click on Shift tab.

Change the Shift X value of Per column to 30.

Click on the Create button.

Point to the repetition Now the repetition is created on the canvas.
Point to the pattern This is how the pattern looks on a kurta.
Summary (Slide) Let us summarize.

In this tutorial we have learnt to create

  • Mango pattern
  • Draw using Pattern along Path
Completed assignment Here is an assignment for you.
  • Create a leaf pattern
Completed assignment Your completed assignment should look like this.
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