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00:01 Welcome to the Spoken Tutorial on Side-Lying hold for breastfeeding.
00:06 In this tutorial, we will learn- choosing the correct breastfeeding hold for a mother and her baby,
00:13 mother’s preparation before breastfeeding and how to do the side-lying hold.
00:19 Let us begin. Across the world, mothers breastfeed their babies using various types of holds.
00:27 As discussed in an earlier tutorial,

the best breastfeeding hold for a mother and her baby is the one in which both mother and baby are comfortable for the entire duration of breastfeeding,

00:40 the baby is able to attach deeply to the mother’s breast
00:44 and gets sufficient milk.
00:49 Let us learn about a new hold called the Side-lying hold.
00:54 This hold is recommended when the mother is breastfeeding at night
00:58 or when the mother has had a caesarean section delivery
01:03 or when the mother is tired.
01:06 Before feeding her baby, the mother must wash her hands with soap and water. And dry her hands properly.
01:14 Then she should drink a glass of boiled and cooled water.
01:18 Lactating mothers produce 750 to 850 ml of milk per day on an average.

Therefore, they need to increase their daily water intake.

01:30 Next, mother should uncover the breast from which she wants to feed the baby.
01:35 She should ensure not to put pressure of her bra or blouse on the breast.
01:41 Next, the mother should lie down comfortably on the side of the breast that she will feed from.
01:48 She should keep a pillow under her head. And a pillow between her legs to avoid rolling over in her sleep.
01:57 The mother in this picture, will be feeding her baby from her right breast. Therefore, she is lying on her right side.
02:06 Next, let us learn how to position baby’s body correctly.
02:12 Place the baby on her side such that her stomach is gently pressed by the mother’s body.
02:21 The mother should support her baby's back with the hand on the side that she is lying on.
02:29 The mother in this picture is supporting her baby’s back with her right hand.
02:35 The mother can place a pillow behind her baby’s back to hold her close to her body.
02:42 Lesser distance between their bodies will reduce the baby’s effort to reach the breast.
02:49 And, it will become easier for the baby to attach deeply to the breast.
02:54 Remember, the mother should never bring the breast to the baby by bending her back.

This will increase the distance between the baby’s stomach and mother’s body.

03:06 She should always keep her back straight and bring the baby to her breast.
03:12 The second important point is the direction in which the baby’s entire body is held.
03:21 You may have noticed that when we eat food, our head, neck and body are always in the same direction.
03:30 Similarly, baby’s head, neck and body should always be in the same direction while breastfeeding
03:39 This will make swallowing milk easier for the baby.
03:44 Now, we come to the third point in positioning the baby’s body.
03:50 Mother should support the baby’s back with her hand.
03:54 Otherwise, the baby will have to take a lot of effort to attach deeply to the breast.
04:01 Next, let’s look at the position of the baby’s nose and chin.
04:07 Baby’s nose should be in line with the nipple.
04:12 And her chin should be forward and very close to the breast.
04:17 This will ensure that the baby takes in more of the lower part of the areola while latching.
04:25 And therefore, will use the lower jaw to drink more milk efficiently.
04:32 Please note- Areola is the dark area around the nipple.
04:39 Now that the baby is held correctly, let us learn how to hold the breast.
04:46 Using the fingers of the hand that is free, the mother should cup her breast from the side in a C shape hold.
04:55 The mother in this picture will use her left hand to hold her right breast.
05:05 The fingers holding the breast, should always be in the direction of the baby’s lips.
05:12 Why? Let’s understand this using a simple example.
05:18 When we eat a vada pav or burger, our lips open horizontally.
05:25 We hold the vada-pav or burger horizontally to take a big bite.
05:30 Here, the thumb and fingers are placed in the direction of the lips.
05:36 If we hold the vada-pav or burger vertically, we won’t be able to take a big bite.
05:43 Similarly, observe the direction of baby’s lips. The lips are horizontal here.
05:50 Therefore, mother’s fingers and thumb should also be placed horizontally on the breast.
05:58 This will help the baby to take a big part of the lower areola in her mouth.
06:05 In addition to being in the direction of the baby’s lips, mother’s thumb and fingers should always be at a distance of 3 fingers from the nipple.
06:17 Again, while eating a vada-pav or burger, if we hold it too close, our fingers will block our mouth from taking a big bite.
06:28 If we hold it too far away, it will not be shaped correctly to fit in our mouth.
06:34 Therefore, we hold it at the right distance to take a big bite.
06:39 Similarly for the baby, the right distance is of 3 fingers from the nipple as shown in this picture.
06:48 This distance will ensure that mother’s fingers do not block the baby from taking the lower areola in her mouth.
06:58 Mother does not compress only the nipple which will give very little milk.
07:05 Mother compresses the larger milk ducts beneath the areola to express more milk out.
07:12 And, the breast is shaped correctly to help the baby attach deeply.
07:19 Let’s go back to the example of vada-pav or burger.
07:24 After holding the vada-pav or burger correctly, we always press it to take a big bite.
07:32 Similarly, the mother should lightly press her breast in a C shape hold from the side.

This will help the baby to take a big part of the breast in her mouth.

07:46 But remember, mother should not press her breast in a scissor shape hold.
07:53 Scissor shape compression will pinch the breast and cause nipple feeding.
08:00 Also, make sure that there is equal compression of the breast with the thumb and the fingers.
08:07 Otherwise, the nipple will shift either in the upward or downward direction.
08:14 And, the baby will not be able to attach deeply to the breast.
08:19 Now, the baby is in the side lying hold and ready to attach to the breast for breast feeding.
08:26 Correct attachment of the baby to the breast is explained in another video in the same series.
08:33 As soon as the baby is attached deeply to the breast, mother should release the breast from her hand.
08:41 She should use this hand to hold the baby’s back and keep the baby close to her body.
08:48 Also, she should move her other arm from the baby’s back and keep it at 90 degrees to her body.
08:57 She should bend the elbow of that arm. Then she should tuck that hand under the pillow.
09:04 The mother in this picture has released her right breast from her left hand.
09:11 She is using her left hand to hold the baby’s back and keep the baby close to her body.
09:18 She has removed her right hand from the baby’s back.
09:22 She has kept it at 90 degrees to her body.
09:26 Her right elbow is bent,
09:28 her right hand is tucked under the pillow.
09:33 After feeding from the first breast-

if the mother wants to feed from her other breast then she will have to lie down on the other side.

09:43 The mother in this picture has turned to her left side to feed from her left breast.
09:49 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.

Thank you for joining.

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