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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the spoken tutorial on Creating a 2D graphical plot.
00:07 In this tutorial, we will learn to,

Open a Grace Project

00:13 Change the line style and width
00:16 Change symbol properties
00:19 Change the color of the line
00:22 Adjust global limits
00:25 Change axis ticks and draw grid and
00:30 Add title to the plot
00:34 To record this tutorial, I am using

Ubuntu Linux 16.04 OS

00:43 Grace version 5.1.25 and
00:48 Gedit text editor 3.18.3
00:55 To follow this tutorial, Learners should be familiar with the Grace interface.
01:02 For the pre-requisite tutorials, please visit this website.
01:07 A Grace project file, required for this tutorial is provided in the code files link.
01:15 Let us go to the Desktop.
01:18 I have saved the Grace project file on my Desktop directory as line dot agr.
01:27 Let us open Grace.
01:30 Press the Windows key on keyboard.
01:34 Type grace in the search form and press Enter to open Grace.
01:40 Go to File, Open to open a Grace project.
01:45 In the open project window, change directory to Desktop.
01:51 Notice the file line dot agr in the selection box.
01:57 Select this file and click on OK to open the project.
02:03 You may get an error message on fonts.
02:07 Please close the alert pop-up dialog box.
02:12 We can see a graph representing the data.
02:16 X and Y limits on the graph have changed from 0 to 10.
02:23 Place the cursor on the line and double click to open Grace: Set Appearance window.
02:30 I will close this dialog box by clicking on the Close button.
02:36 This option can be also be opened using the menu bar.
02:41 Next, open the set appearance window.
02:45 Go to Plot menu and select Set Appearance.
02:50 I will drag the set appearance window for better view.
02:56 Since only a single dataset is loaded, it is highlighted in the Select set text box.
03:05 Look at the various settings in the Main tab.
03:09 By default a solid line plot appears in the graph.
03:15 This style can be changed under the Line properties section.
03:21 To change the style of a line, click on the Style drop-down.
03:27 Select dotted line option.
03:31 Click on the Apply button.
03:34 Notice that solid line has changed to dotted line.

03:39 Click on up black triangles to increase or decrease the width.
03:45 Click on the Apply button.
03:48 We can change the colour of the line by selecting Color menu.
03:53 I will choose red color.
03:56 Click on the Apply button.
04:00 And observe the changes in the graph.
04:03 Next, let’s add symbols.
04:06 Under Symbol properties option, go to Type and click on the drop down.
04:12 Select the desired Symbol shape. I will select Circle.
04:18 To adjust the size of the symbol use the Size slider.
04:23 I will drag the symbol size slider to 40.
04:29 Next, click on the Apply button.
04:32 Data points are represented as circles on the line.
04:37 Now click on Symbols tab to change symbol properties.
04:42 Under Symbol fill, click on the Pattern drop-down.
04:47 Select the Solid pattern picture to get filled symbol.
04:52 Click on the Apply button.
04:55 If the data points are closely spaced, we can skip specified symbols for clarity.
05:03 Click on the arrow triangle of Symbol skip as required.
05:09 Click on Close to exit the Grace: Set Appearance window.
05:16 Now we will fine adjust global limits.
05:20 Go to Plot and select Axis properties to open Grace: Axes dialog box.
05:28 In the Edit drop-down, choose X axis.
05:23 Select start and stop of the x-axis limits to be displayed as -1 to 10.
02:42 Click on the Apply button and observe the changes in the limits of the x axis.
05:48 Next, let's add axis labels.
05:52 Under Axis Label, go to Label string text box, and type x-axis.
05:59 Click on the Apply button to see the changes.
06:03 Under Tick properties, type 4 for Major spacing.
06:07 And type 2 for Minor ticks.
06:11 Click on the Apply button.
06:14 Notice the changes in the graph.
06:17 To format y axis properties, select Y axis in Edit drop-down.
06:23 Choose to Start at -1 and End at 11.

And click on the Apply button.

06:31 Axis limits of y-axis in the graph change accordingly.
06:37 In Label string textbox, type y axis and click on Apply to add y axis label.
06:46 Next we will change Major spacing and Minor ticks.
06:52 Type 4 for Major spacing and 2 for Minor spacing of axis tick marks.
06:59 Click on Apply.
07:01 Now we will go to Tick marks tab.
07:05 Under Tick marks tab, we can see Pointing and Draw on drop downs.
07:13 In the Draw on drop down choose tick marks on Normal side.
07:19 Click on Apply.
07:21 I will do this for both x and y axes.
07:25 These help to extend tick marks on both sides of the graph or on one side.
07:33 Let's select Draw grid lines for x-axis.
07:38 Click on Draw grid lines check-box for Major ticks and for Minor ticks.

Click on Apply.

07:47 Select y axis in Edit Drop down.
07:51 Check box for major ticks and for minor ticks, for y axis.
07:59 Click on Apply.

This shows grids like a graph paper.

08:05 I will uncheck the box for Major and minor ticks grid.
08:10 Click on Apply to remove the grid.
08:14 I will do this for both x and y axes.
08:18 In the Edit drop-down choose, X axis.
08:22 Uncheck the box for Major ticks and minor ticks.
08:27 Click on Apply to remove the grid.
08:31 Please try the following.

Under Axis Label & bar tab, change the font style and color of the font.

08:44 Click on Close, to exit the Grace:Axes window and observe the changes.
08:51 Let's add a title to the graph.
08:56 Go to Plot and select Graph Appearance.
09:00 The Graph: Appearance window opens.
09:04 In the Main tab, go to the Titles form.
09:08 Type the title of the graph as,Linear Graph.
09:12 Click on Apply.
09:14 Under Titles tab, notice the option to change the font type.
09:20 Character size can be changed using the slider.
09:25 Various colors are available in the color option.
09:30 I will use the default values here.
09:35 Click on Close to exit.

Observe the changes in the plotted graph.

09:41 Let us save the file with a different name.
09:45 Click on File, Save as to save the changes in the project.
09:51 Change to Desktop directroy.
09:54 In the selection textbox change the file name.
09:59 I will type, 2dplot dot agr and click on OK to save the project.
10:07 Select File, Exit in menu, to close Grace.
10:13 Now let's summarize.

In this tutorial, we, Opened a Grace Project

10:21 Changed graph properties like line style, width and color
10:27 Changed properties of symbols
10:31 Adjusted global limits
10:34 Adjusted axis tick marks and grid and

Added title to the plot

10:43 As an assignment, Generate XY data set to draw a parabola.
10:50 Use integer values between -8 to +8 and plot a graph in Grace.
10:57 Change color, add title and symbol.
11:02 The completed assignment should look similar to this.
11:08 This video at the following link summarises the Spoken Tutorial Project.

Please download and watch it.

11:17 The Spoken Tutorial Project team: conducts workshops and gives certificates.

For more details please write to us.

11:28 Please post your timed queries in this forum.
11:32 Spoken Tutorial Project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.
11:39 More information on this mission is available at this link.
11:44 This is Rani from IIT Bombay. Thank you for joining.

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