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gedit is a default text editor of the GNOME destktop environment. It is a free and open source software. It is a general purpose text editor which emphasizes simplicity and ease of use with a clean and simple GUI.

gedit Text editor is preinstalled in ubuntu Linux OS. It is also available for Mac OS X and Microsoft windows.

The main features of gedit are syntax highlighting for various programming languages and text markup languages such as XML, HTML. gedit also has GUI tabs for editing multiple files. Tabs can be moved between various windows by the user. It supports full undo and redo options as well as search and replace. Other features such as line numbering, bracket matching, text wrapping, current line highlighting, spell checking, auto save and back-up. Addition of new features are available through plugins.

The Spoken Tutorial effort for gedit Text editor has been contributed by Nirmala Venkat from Spoken Tutorials.

Learners: Everyone who wish to learn to use a text editor in Linux.

Basic Level

  1. Overview of gedit Text Editor
    • Introduction to gedit Text editor
    • Features of gedit Text editor
    • Who can use gedit Text editor
    • Overview of this series
  2. Introduction to gedit Text Editor
    • Installation of gedit in Ubuntu Linux and Windows OS
    • Create a new file
    • Open, save and close a file
    • Menu bar and Toolbar options
    • Typing text in gedit
    • Quit gedit
  3. Common Edit functions
    • Cut, Copy and Paste content
    • Undo and Redo options
    • Search and Replace text
    • Print option
  4. Handling tabs
    • Add, Remove, re-order and close tabs
    • Use the side Panel to browse and open files
    • Insert line numbers
    • Wrap text

Intermediate Level

  1. Default plugins in gedit
    • Default plugins
    • Installation of plugins using Ubuntu Software Centre
    • How to use Sort, Change Case, Spell Checker and Insert Date and Time plugins
  2. Third party plugins in gedit
    • Installation of thirt party plugin – Intelligent Text Completion
    • How to use this plugin in gedit Text Editor
    • Highlight mode
  3. Snippets in gedit
    • Default Snippets available in gedit
    • Adding anew Snippet
    • Delete a snippet
    • Highlight matching brackets in a 'C' program
    • Document Statistics

Contributors and Content Editors

Nancyvarkey, Nirmala Venkat, PoojaMoolya