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The GCompris interface is an educational software suite, with activities and games designed for easy use by children of 5-13 years. years.

A Computer with a mouse is essential for learning GCompris. Pointing devices such as a joystick, touchpad, stylus pen etc can also be used to work with GCompris. GCompris shows a graphic user interface with a list of activities. All the activities are grouped under eight sections. Each section is represented with an icon like a programming maze and Baby tangram.

GCompris is available for download at https://gcompris.net/downloads-en.html

GCompris version 0.97 is used in the creation of GCompris Spoken Tutorials.

Contributors, Content Editors and Reviewers

The Spoken Tutorial Effort for GCompris is being contributed by Ms Meenal Ghoderao and Snehalatha Kaliappan from IIT Bombay. Ms V Praimala Devi from St Mary's Malankara High School Sakinaka.

Learners - Teachers and children of 5-13 years.


Basic Level

1. Introduction to GCompris

  • About GCompris interface
  • Explanation of the activities grouped under different categories
  • Explanation about the levels in each activity
  • Configuration of audio settings
  • Resize GCompris interface
  • Change the settings for font size, capitalization, spacing and others
  • Settings for language selection
  • About difficulty filter option
  • Categorizing the favourite activities

2. Keyboard and Mouse Activities

  • Show the GCompris interface with activities
  • Draw the picture by clicking on the selected points
  • Click to remove the blocks and reveal the hidden image
  • Double click to score a goal
  • How to move the mouse precisely to aim at a point
  • Zoom in and zoom out using the mouse wheel
  • Use left and right arrow keys of the keyboard at the same time
  • Information about more activities in keyboard and mouse section

3. Alphabets and Numbers

  • How to write the letters correctly
  • Learn the Alphabetical order
  • How to recognize a letter from the given voice
  • Select the words which contain the spoken letter
  • How to write the numbers correctly
  • How to count the numbers
  • Learn the numerical order
  • Learn numbers with their corresponding number names

4. Basic Logic and Reasoning Puzzles

  • Learn about puzzle activities
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Learn to drag and drop the shapes on their respective targets
  • Learn conceptual matching
  • Learn to rebuild the pattern
  • Learn to redraw the given image

5. Identify Words and Letters

  • Read and write simple words
  • Identify the words
  • Change the case and speed of falling words using the configuration page
  • Identify the missing letters in the words
  • Change the language using the configuration page
  • Learn sets of words grouped under different headings
  • Learn the pronunciation of letters and words in different languages of the world
  • Identify the image with the corresponding text
  • Complete the exercises related to the activities

6. Addition and Subtraction of Numbers

  • Enable the virtual keyboard using the configuration page
  • Organise the items
  • Count the items
  • Addition of numbers
  • Subtraction of numbers
  • Arithmetic expressions showing addition and subtraction
  • Count the money
  • Practise addition and subtraction with a memory game

7. Logical Associations and Categorization

  • Learn to understand pattern differentiation
  • Learn about farm animals
  • Identify animals from their corresponding sounds
  • Identify left hand and right hand
  • Develop reasoning skill
  • Improve memory
  • Categorize elements into correct and incorrect groups

8. Identify Colours

  • Learn to recognize common colours
  • Learn to recognize advanced colours
  • About primary colours of paints
  • About primary colours of light
  • About colour combinations
  • Mix the primary colours of paint to match to the given colour
  • Mix the primary colours of light to match to the given colour
  • Learn to distinguish between different colours

Contributors and Content Editors