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Title: FrontAccounting Installation on Windows

Author: Praveen S

Keywords: Frontaccounting Installation, xampp installation, Apache Server, PHP, Windows

Visual Cue Narration
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Welcome to the spoken tutorial on FrontAccounting installation in Windows Operating System.
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Learning Objectives

In this tutorial we will learn to:-
  • Download FrontAccounting software.
  • Create a database for FrontAccounting.
  • And install FrontAccounting software in Windows OS.
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System Requirements

To record this tutorial I'm using-
  • Windows 8 OS
  • XAMPP 5.6.24
  • FrontAccounting 2.4.1
  • Firefox web browser and
  • a working Internet connection
Let’s begin.
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Xampp package

To run FrontAccounting, we require a web server, php and a database on our machine.

We will use Apache as our web server and MySQL as our database.

By installing XAMPP package, all of these will get installed together.

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XAMPP installation:

To install XAMPP package
  • Refer to the XAMPP installation tutorial in the PHP & MySQL series on this website.
  • Follow the instructions given in this tutorial to install the latest version.

I have already installed XAMPP on my machine.

Click on Start menu


To open XAMPP, click on the Windows key on the keyboard and type XAMPP.

Click on the XAMPP Control Panel icon from the search list.

Point to Apache & MySQL In the XAMPP Control Panel, make sure that Apache & MySQL services are running.
Point to START button If not, start these services by clicking on START button on the respective services.
Point to STOP button To stop the services, we have to click on STOP button.
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Error messages

You may get some error messages like:

“Apache shutdown unexpectedly”


“Port 80 in use for Apache Server'”


“Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts for MySQL database.”

This is because the default ports allotted for Apache and MySQL is taken by other software.

Default port number for Apache is 80 and for MySQL is 3306.

To change these ports, refer to the XAMPP Installation tutorial in the PHP & MySQL series, on this website.

Allot proper port numbers before proceeding further.

Open Web browser and type localhost Let us check whether the webserver is running or not.

To do so, open the web browser and type localhost in the url.

If you have changed the port number, then type localhost:8080

Then press Enter key.

This will take us to the Xampp welcome page.

Next we have to create a database for FrontAccounting.
We can do this with the help of phpmyadmin.
To open phpMyAdmin, on the web browser address bar, type

localhost/phpmyadmin or localhost:8080/phpmyadmin

And press Enter.

This will open the phpMyAdmin page.

Create Database

Point to Database tab

Let’s create the database now.

On the top left of the phpmyadmin page, click on Databases tab.

Create database section >> type Database name as frontacc In the Create database section, type the Database name as frontacc and click on Create.

This will create a database named frontacc.

Now we will see the installation procedure for FrontAccounting.
Open Web Browser and go to frontaccounting Open a new web browser tab and type the url

and press Enter.

Point to Download Here we can see Download link for FrontAccounting.
Click on Download Click on Download.
Immediately, a small dialog box will open.
Click on Save file option >> Ok option. Click on Save file option and then on Ok option.
The latest version of FrontAccounting will begin downloading.
Open Downloads folder Once the download completes, open the folder where you have downloaded the file.
Point to the tar file Here is the file which we downloaded.
Right-click >> select Extract All >> on Extract. Right-click and select Extract All and then on Extract.
Open folder Open the extracted folder.
Point to frontaccounting Inside that you can see a folder named frontaccounting.
Rename as account Rename it as account.
Next we have to paste the folder account in the Web Server's root directory.
The path for the root directory is “c:\xampp\htdocs
Right-click>> Copy Right-click on the folder account and select Copy.
Go to htdocs folder Go to My Computer, C drive, xampp and htdocs.
Right-click>> Paste Then right-click and select Paste.
Now the account folder is pasted in the Web Server's root folder.
Let us start to configure FrontAccounting.
Web browser >> type localhost/account Open the web browser and type

localhost/account or localhost:8080/account depending on your port configuration.

Press Enter Then press Enter.
We can see the FrontAccounting webpage.
Point to Step 1 It also says Step 1: System Diagnostics.
This means that we have successfully installed the software packages with the Comments as OK.
Click on Continue Click on the Continue button.
Database server settings-

Server host as localhost

Database Name as frontacc.

Database user as root

In the “Database server settings” page enter the following details-

Server host as localhost

Database Name as frontacc.

Database user as root

Point to password Leave the password as blank since XAMPP in Windows doesn’t have any password, by default.
Click on Continue Then click on the Continue button.
Company Settings

type name of company

In the “Company Settings” page enter the following:

I will type the CompanyName as ST Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Admin Password as spoken. Admin Password as spoken.

You can give any password of your choice.

Re-enter password Re-enter the password.

Remember this password. This is the login password that you need to use to login each time.

Point to Charts of Accounts We can see two options for the “Charts of Accounts”.
Select “Standard new company American COA”. I will select “Standard new company American COA”.
Default language >> English Select the Default Language as English.
Click on Install Click on Install.
The installation will take some time to complete.
Success message Once completed, we will see a new window.

It says the Frontaccounting ERP has been installed successfully.

Click on Click here to start Click on “Click here to start

This will take us to the FrontAccounting login page.


Username as admin

password as spoken

Login with the following details-

Username as admin

password as spoken

and then click on Login.

Now we are in FrontAccounting admin panel.
Open web browser and type localhost/account This brings us to the end of this tutorial.

Let us summarize.

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In this tutorial, we have learnt to
  • Install XAMPP.
  • Create a database for FrontAccounting.
  • And install FrontAccounting in Windows.
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Spoken Tutorial Project

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Please download and watch it.

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Workshop details

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For more details, please write to us.

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Spoken Tutorial project is funded by NMEICT, MHRD, Government of India.

More information on this mission is available at this link.

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This script has been contributed by Praveen.

And this is Nirmala Venkat from IIT Bombay, signing off.

Thanks for watching.

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