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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to the Spoken tutorial on Advanced Firefox features in Mozilla Firefox.
00:08 In this tutorial, we will learn about Advanced Firefox features-

Quick find link Firefox Sync Plug-ins.

00:19 Here, we are using Firefox 7.0 on Ubuntu 10.04.
00:26 Let us open the Firefox browser.
00:29 By default, the "yahoo" home page opens.
00:33 Now, let's learn about searching for links in Firefox.
00:37 Firefox allows you to search for and find links within a web-page.
00:43 In the Address bar, type: www. and press Enter.
00:51 Notice that the cursor is now placed inside the Google search bar.
00:58 Next, click the cursor any where on the page outside the search bar.
01:04 Now from the keyboard, press the apostrophe key.
01:09 The Quick Find links only search box appears at the bottom left corner of the window.
01:16 Inside this box, let's type Bengali. Notice that the link Bengali is highlighted.
01:25 You can now search quickly and easily for links within a web page.
01:31 Suppose, you want to access the Firefox browser with your settings and preferences from any other computer or device, like your mobile phone, will that be possible?
01:43 Yes! The Firefox Sync feature stores all your browser data like- bookmarks, history and installed extensions securely on a Mozilla server.
01:55 You can Sync other computers to this server and so you can access your browser data.
02:02 Now, let's enable the Sync features.
02:06 From the Menu bar, click Tools and Set Up Sync . The Firefox Sync Setup dialog box appears.
02:15 As we are using Sync for the first time, click Create a New Account.
02:21 The Account Details dialog box appears.
02:24 For the purpose of this tutorial, we have already created a g-mail account-
02:30 In the Email Address field, enter
02:42 In Choose a Password field, let's enter the password.
02:47 In the Confirm Password field, re-enter the password.
02:52 By default, the server- Firefox Sync Server is selected.
02:58 We will not change the settings. Check the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” box.
03:08 Click Next. Firefox displays the Sync Key.
03:11 This is the key which you must enter in other systems to access your Sync from those machines.
03:18 Click the Save button. In the Save Sync Key dialog box that appears,
03:24 browse to the Desktop. Click Save.
03:28 The 'Firefox sync key.html' file is saved as the HTML file in the desktop.
03:35 Make a note of this key and save the number where you can access it easily.
03:41 You will not be able to access your Sync account from other computer without entering this key.
03:48 Click Next. In the Confirm you are not a Robot dialog box,
03:53 enter the words displayed in the box. The setup is complete.
03:59 Click on the Sync Options button on the left of the Firefox Sync Setup dialog box.
04:06 You can set your Sync options here.
04:09 For the purpose of this tutorial, we shall not change the default option. Click Done.
04:17 Click Next. Firefox verifies the contents. Then the Finish button is displayed, click Finish.
04:25 You have setup 'Firefox Sync' on your computer.
04:29 And now, how do you access your browser data from another computer?
04:35 You need Sync to other computer or device tool.
04:40 For the purpose of this tutorial, we shall list these instructions in slides.
04:46 You can follow these instructions to 'Sync' your other computer or device.
04:52 Open the Firefox browser in the other computer or device.
04:57 From the Menu bar, click Tools and Setup Firefox Sync.
05:03 Click I have a Firefox Sync account. Enter your email-id and password.
05:10 Enter your Sync key . Click Finish.
05:15 The other computer is also Sync now. You can access your browser data from the other computer tools.
05:23 You can also save new bookmark and change your preferences here.
05:28 These changes will be automatically updated in the Sync manager.
05:34 Finally, let's learn how to Sync an original computer with the updated data in the Sync manager.
05:42 Now from the Menu bar, click Tools.
05:46 Notice that the Sync options now displays as Sync Now.
05:51 You can click on it to 'Sync' your data with the 'Sync manager'.
05:55 You may also want to delete your Firefox Sync account or clear your Sync data.
06:02 How do you do this? This is simple too.
06:06 Open a new browser. In the Address bar, type: Press Enter.
06:21 In the Username, enter: "".
06:28 Now enter the password. Click Login.
06:33 The Firefox Sync webpage opens.
06:36 You can now modify the Firefox settings and data.
06:40 Let's logout of this page now.
06:43 Now, let's learn about plug-ins. What is a Plug-in?
06:49 A plug-in is a software program that adds a specific functionality to the Firefox browser.
06:57 However, plug-ins are different from extensions.
07:00 plug-ins are programs, created by other companies.
07:04 Plug-ins integrate third party programs into the Firefox browser.
07:10 Plug-ins let you play videos, view multi-media content, perform virus scans and 'power animation in firefox'.
07:21 For e.g: Flash is a plug-in you installed to view videos in the Firefox browser.
07:28 Let's view the plug-ins that are installed in Firefox.
07:33 From Menu bar, select Tools and addons
07:38 The addon manager tab opens. From the left panel, click plug-ins.
07:45 The right panel now displays the plug-ins that are installed on your computer.
07:50 And how do you install plug-ins?
07:53 Each plug-in has to be downloaded from the relevant website and then installed on your computer.
08:01 The installation procedure may be different for each plug-in.
08:05 To learn more about plug-ins available for mozilla firefox and instructions on how to install them, please visit the mozilla website.
08:16 Let's close this browser.
08:19 To disable the plug-ins, simply click the Disable button.
08:24 This brings us to the end of this tutorial.
08:27 In this tutorial, we learnt about:

Quick Find Link Firefox Sync and Plug-ins.

08:36 Here is an assignment for you-
08:38 Download and install 3 plug-ins for Firefox.
08:43 Create a 'Firefox Sync account'. Access your Firefox browser from another computer.
08:50 Watch the video available at the following link. It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
08:56 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.
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