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FileZilla is a free software, cross-platform FTP application, consisting of FileZilla Client and FileZilla Server.

The client supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS (FTP over SSL/TLS).

Features of FileZilla:

  1. Transfer files in FTP, SFTP, encrypted FTP such as FTPS and SFTP
  2. Support IPv6 which is the latest version of internet protocol
  3. Supports resume which means the file transfer process can be paused and continued
  4. Tabbed user interface for multitasking, to allow browsing more than one server or even transfer files simultaneously between multiple servers.
  5. Site Manager to manage server lists and transfer queue for ordering file transfer tasks
  6. Bookmarks for easy access to most frequent use
  7. Drag and drop to download and upload.
  8. Directory comparison for comparing local files and server files in the same directory. When the file doesn't have the same information (name not match, or size not match) it will highlight that file in colour.
  9. Configurable transfer speed limits to limit the speed transferring the files, which helps reducing error of transferring
  10. Filename filters, users can filter only specific files that have the conditions they want.
  11. Network configuration wizard, help configuring confusing network settings in form of step-by-step wizard
  12. Remote file editing, for quickly edit file on server side on-the-fly. No need to download, edit on the computer and re-upload back to the server.
  13. Keep-alive, if the connection has been idle for the long time it will check by sending keep-alive command.
  14. HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP-Proxy support
  15. Logging to file
  16. Synchronised directory browsing
  17. Remote file search to search file on the server remotely

In this tutorial series we would mainly concentrate on how to use FileZilla to handle files and directories in remote machine. These tutorials are created using Ubuntu version 14.04 and above. Please see the associated text box of individual spoken tutorials on the website to decide the versions of Linux OS to which it is applicable.

Learners: System Administrators and Web Developers

FileZilla: Basic

  1. Introduction to FileZilla
    • About FileZilla
    • Features of FileZilla
    • Install FileZilla using Ubuntu Software Centre
    • Install FileZilla using Synaptic Package Manager
    • Install FileZilla Using Terminal
    • Installation of FileZilla in Windows
    • FileZilla Interface
    • To create folder in Remote machine
    • Upload files to Remote Machine
    • Download files and folders from Remote Machine
  2. FileHandling and Bookmarks
    • Upload files to the remote machine
    • View and Edit remote machine files locally
    • Rename and delete the remote machine files
    • Setting Permissions to the files
    • Using Site Manager
    • Add Bookmarks
    • Manage Bookmarks
    • Global and Site Specific Bookmarks

Contributors and Content Editors

PoojaMoolya, Pravin1389