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Time Narration
00:06 “Congratulations. Please be seated.”
00:10 “Anita, when was your last appointment?”
00:12 It was around 2 months back.
00:15 Now, I am into my 4th month of pregnancy.
00:19 “Regular checkups are necessary in cases of pregnancy.”
00:23 Check-ups during pregnancy is a preventive care towards potential health problems.
00:29 This will help in reducing complications during pregnancy.
00:33 “Frequency of check-ups should be every 3 months and it should be weekly in the last month of pregnancy.”
00:41 Check-ups provide information about:
00:43 maternal psychological changes
00:46 prenatal nutrition & diet
00:48 vitamins and
00:50 biological changes.
00:52 “It is my first time and I am new to all this.
00:55 Please advise me on taking better care of myself and the baby.”
01:00 Welcome to the spoken tutorial on prenatal health care.
01:04 Here, we will talk about health care for an expectant mother during pregnancy.
01:10 First and foremost is the health of the mother.
01:14 Hence the prevention of iron deficiency is very important.
01:18 Expectant mothers should take iron-rich food during pregnancy.
01:23 “During pregnancy, the need for blood in your body increases.
01:27 You need more iron to make hemoglobin for the additional blood required by your baby.
01:34 Hence you should take iron rich foods such as:
01:38 green vegetables
01:40 egg yolks dried fruits
01:42 beans and iron rich cereals”.
01:46 Caesarean delivery has many risks like:
01:50 infection in the incision site and
01:52 blood loss which can cause anemia.
01:56 Pregnant women must try to have a normal delivery.
01:59 This is possible by taking proper prenatal care and having healthy diet.
02:04 Exercise well as this is important to boost your energy level.
02:09 Exercise also relieves you from back problems, reduces constipation and helps relieve stress.
02:16 “What does this machine do?”
02:18 "This is a Sonography machine.
02:20 It is used to monitor the health and development of the baby.”
02:25 “Anita, please lie down so that I can demonstrate the importance of sonography.”
02:30 “Sonography is performed usually at 20 weeks of pregnancy.
02:36 It is used to detect - if the placenta is healthy and
02:40 whether the baby is growing properly inside the uterus."
02:43 “This helps detect serious problems like low birth weight of baby.
02:48 It also helps to prevent miscarriage and even abortion, to a great extent.”
02:54 For proper health care during pregnancy, the following are important -
02:58 Regular check-ups
03:00 Importance of Sonography
03:02 Iron deficiency prevention & good nutrition
03:05 Information on Caesarian birth
03:07 Importance of exercise.
03:09 “Thank you doctor for giving a lot of information. We promise to follow your instructions.”
03:16 "I am so proud of you both for taking good care during pregnancy.
03:20 Because of this, the baby and the mother are healthy and happy.”
03:24 This brings us to the end of this tutorial. Remember to take good care and to eat nutritious food during pregnancy.
03:32 Thanking you for listening and STAY SAFE.
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04:25 Thanks for joining us.

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