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Title of script : Script for Pre-Natal Health Care (Digital Divide)

Author : Avnish Kumar, IIT-B, Summer Intern 2013

Video: Spoken Tutorial Team, IIT Bombay

Keywords: Check up during pregnancy, Importance of Sonography

Notes to spoken tutorial developer:

Create a background scene – a small house (inside and outside), a bathroom with its door open
Create characters of

A lady -Anita (25-30 years old & pregnant woman),

Anita's husband (25-30 years adult male) &

A lady-doctor (30 years old)

Objects to be created –
  • sonography machine,
  • examination table,
  • doctor's desk,
  • charts
Images to be used (with proper numbering) should be given to the creators/animators before video production
Visual Cue Narration
Opening scene:

Outside area of a small hospital

(5 secs)

Show a small corridor and a doctor's room door

(5 secs)

Couple is in the doctor's room
Show doctor's face smiling and talking Doctor's Voice : “Congratulations. Please be seated.”
Show the couple seated.
Doctor speaking The Doctor's Voice: “Anita, when was your last appointment?”
Anita speaking Anita's Voice: “It was around 2 months back. Now, I am into my 4th month of pregnancy.”
Doctor Speaking Doctor's Voice : “Regular checkups are necessary in cases of pregnancy.”
Doctor Speaking Doctor's Voice : “Check-ups during pregnancy is a preventive care towards potential health problems.

This will help in reducing complications during pregnancy.”

Show calendar – mark 3 months, 6 months Doctor's Voice : “Frequency of check-ups should be every 3 months.

And it should be weekly in the last month of pregnancy.”

The doctor points to a chart on the wall which has information on nutrition and speaks. (2 secs)

Zoom in on the chart.

Show chart which is on slide 3 of PPT.

Doctor's Voice: “ Check-ups provide information about
  • maternal psychological changes,
  • prenatal nutrition & diet,
  • vitamins and
  • biological changes.”
Anita speaks. Anita's Voice : “It is my first time and I am new to all this.

Please advise me on taking better care of myself and the baby.”

Spoken Tutorial and Digital divide Welcome to the spoken tutorial on prenatal health care.
Spoken Tutorial and Digital divide Here, we will talk about health care for an expectant mother during pregnancy.
Doctor nods and speaks

Show a speech bubble with leafy vegetables.

Refer to slide 5 of the PPT.

Doctor's Voice : “First and foremost is the health of the mother.

Hence the prevention of iron deficiency is very important.

Expectant mothers should take iron-rich food during pregnancy.”

Show the flow of blood in the womb of the mother through the placenta Doctor's Voice : “During pregnancy, the need for blood in your body increases.

You need more iron to make hemoglobin, for the additional blood required by your baby.”

Image of iron-rich foods.

Zoom in on each one of these images as per the narration

Doctor's Voice : Hence you should take iron rich foods such as
  • green vegetables,
  • egg yolks,
  • dried fruits,
  • beans and
  • iron rich cereals”
Image of Caesarian birth –

Refer to slide 6 of PPT

Doctor's Voice : “Caesarian delivery has many risks like
  • infection in the incision site and
  • blood loss, which can cause anemia.”
Doctor speaking Doctor's Voice : “Pregnant women must try to have a normal delivery.

This is possible by taking proper prenatal care and having healthy diet.”

Image of simple exercises

Refer to slide 7 of PPT

Doctor's Voice : “Exercise well as this is important to boost your energy level.

Exercise also relieves you from back problems, reduces constipation and helps relieve stress.”

Anita's husband speaking. Point to the Sonography machine in the background scene Anita's husband's Voice (asking the doctor) : “What does this machine do?”
Image of Doctor standing next to the machine and speaking.

Refer to slide 4 of the PPT

Doctor's Voice : “This is a Sonography Machine.

It is used to monitor the health and development of the baby.”

Same image as above with Doctor speaking Doctor's Voice : “Anita, please lie down so that I can demonstrate the importance of sonography.”
Image of doctor performing sonography.

Refer to slide 4 of PPT

Doctor's Voice: “Sonography is performed usually at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

It is used to detect -

  • if the placenta is healthy and
  • whether the baby is growing properly inside the uterus."
Same image as above with Doctor speaking Doctor's Voice : “This helps detect serious problems like low birth weight of baby.

It also helps to prevent miscarriage and even abortion, to a great extent.”

Image of Anita on the bed and Doctor standing next to her speaking Doctor finally summarizes : “For proper health care during pregnancy the following are important - ”
1.Image of Checkup

2. Image of Sonography

3. Image of iron-tablets and vegetables, eggs etc

4. Image of Child birth

5. Image of exercise

1.Regular Check ups

2. Importance Of Sonography

3. Iron Deficiency prevention & Good nutrition

4. Information on Caesarian Birth

5. Importance of Exercise

Anita & her husband listen carefully to the Doctor Anita & her husband together say: “Thank you doctor, for giving a lot of information. We promise to follow your instructions.”
Text on-screen

“6 months Later”

6 months later
Anita and her husband in the doctor's room, along with their new born baby
Image of a healthy baby

(of ~1 month old) and happy mother (Anita)

The Doctor's Voice: “I am so proud of you both for taking good care during pregnancy.

Because of this, the baby and the mother are healthy and happy.”

End This brings us to the end of this tutorial. Remember, to take good care and to eat nutritious food during pregnancy.

Thanking you for listening and STAY SAFE.

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