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Time Narration
00:02 Ramu gets up in the morning and starts getting ready for school.
00:08 He is sleepy but manages to pick up his brush, applies paste and starts brushing.
00:15 He brushes quickly as he needs to rush to school.
00:20 He rinses and rushes for his bath. And gets ready.
00:25 Ramu’s mother calls him for breakfast.
00:28 Ramu eats his breakfast.
00:31 The food gets stuck between his teeth and he screams out loudly.
00:36 Mother gives him water and tells him to rush for school as he is already late.
00:43 Ramu, still in pain, picks his bag and leaves home.
00:48 He meets a friend on his way.
00:51 Seeing him in pain, his friend Suresh asks him what is wrong.
00:56 Ramu narrates the incident.
00:59 Suresh listens to Ramu patiently.
01:02 Then he tells him about a dentist uncle who stays in his neighborhood.
01:07 Suresh promises Ramu to take him to the dentist uncle after school.
01:13 Welcome to the spoken tutorial on bridging the digital divide.
01:18 Here we will talk about the ways of maintaining good oral hygiene, the primary care and consulting the dentist.
01:27 On the way back from school, Suresh and Ramu meet the dentist.
01:33 The dentist examines Ramu’s teeth and informs him that he has a small cavity.
01:39 He then tells the children about the causes of cavities-
01:45 Food stuck between teeth
01:48 Not brushing teeth properly
01:52 Soft drinks which contain more % of citric acid.
01:57 The dentist then suggests measures that will help to avoid this kind of pain -
02:04 Eating food rich in mineral and calcium.
02:08 Brushing your teeth properly.
02:11 Brushing twice a day.
02:14 Rinsing your mouth after every meal.
02:17 A dental visit every six months is considered good for all age groups.
02:24 Visit a dentist: If the teeth are uneven, crowded or jumbled.
02:31 If cavities are observed in the teeth.
02:34 If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold foodstuff.
02:38 Gently brush the outer and inner side of the chewing area.
02:45 Also brush the tongue to maintain good breath and to get rid of germs.
02:53 Miswak is a chewing stick cut from a twig of the peelu tree.
02:58 The stick needs to be chewed on.
03:01 Then this chewed stick can be used as a natural brush.
03:06 Remember, taking care of your teeth and visiting a dentist from time to time helps maintain good oral hygiene.
03:14 Thanking you for listening and STAY SAFE.
03:17 Watch the video available at the following link.
03:21 It summaries the Spoken Tutorial project.
03:24 If you do not have a good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.
03:29 The Spoken Tutorial project team: conducts workshops using spoken tutorials.
03:35 Gives certificates to those who pass an online test.
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03:46 Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the "Talk to a Teacher" project.
03:51 It is Supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.
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04:14 The animation for this tutorial has been contributed by Shital and Arthi.
04:21 And this is Aditi Gokarn from the Department of Educational technology, S.N.D.T Women’s University, signing off. Thanks for joining.

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