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Title of script:Script for Chickenpox (Digital Divide)

Author: Aditi Gokarn, SNDT, Summer Intern 2013

Video: Spoken Tutorial Team, IIT Bombay

Keywords: oral hygiene, dental hygiene, dental care, video tutorial

Notes to spoken tutorial developer:

Create a background scene of a lower middle-class house, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, road-scene, dentist’s clinic (outside and inside)
Create characters of Dentist (middle-aged man), 8-10 year old boy (Ramu), lady in saree (Ramu’s mother), Ramu’s friend (Suresh)
Objects to be created - table chair, toothbrush, paste, mirror, teeth, food on the table, school bag, some plates, glasses, spoon
Images to be used (with proper numbering) should be given to the creators/animators before video production

Visual Cue Narration
Ramu waking up Ramu gets up in the morning and starts getting ready for school.
Ramu picking up the brush and applying paste He is sleepy but manages to pick up his brush, apply paste and start brushing.
Ramu brushing fast to-and-fro not up-and-down He brushes quickly as he needs to rush to school.
Ramu rinses his mouth He rinses and rushes for his bath. And gets ready.
Ramu’s mother’s close-up Ramu’s mother calls him for breakfast.
Ramu eating, screams loudly Ramu eats his breakfast.

The food gets stuck between his teeth and he screams out loudly.

Ramu’s mother gives him a glass of water

Ramu drinking water

Mother gives him water and tells him to rush for school as he is already late.
Ramu leaving from home Ramu, still in pain, picks his bag and leaves home.
Ramu walking with friend Suresh He meets a friend on his way.

Seeing him in pain, his friend Suresh, asks him what is wrong.

Ramu narrating the incident - close-up of Ramu and Suresh talking Ramu narrates the incident.

Suresh listens to Ramu patiently.

Continue previous scene He Then tells him about a dentist uncle who stays in his neighborhood.
Continue previous scene Suresh promises Ramu to take him to the dentist uncle after school.
Spoken Tutorial and Digital divide Welcome to the spoken tutorial on bridging the digital divide
Spoken Tutorial and Digital divide Here we will talk about, the ways of maintaining good oral hygiene, the primary care and consulting the dentist.
Ramu and Suresh walking into the dentist’s clinic On the way back from school Suresh and Ramu meet the dentist.
Close-up of dentist
In the dentist’s clinic

Dentist examining Ramu’s teeth

The dentist examines Ramu’s teeth and informs him that he has a small cavity.
Close-up of dentist talking He then tells the children about the causes of cavities.
Image of a food getting stuck between teeth Food stuck between teeth
Close-up of a mouth - brushing teeth in the wrong way i.e. to-and-fro Not brushing teeth properly
Image of Soft drinks like bubbly lemonade Soft drinks which contain more % of citric acid
Close-up of dentist talking The dentist then suggests measures that will help to avoid this kind of pain.
Image of calcium and minerals rich food Eating food rich in mineral and calcium.
Close-up of a mouth - brushing teeth in the right way i.e. up-and-down * Brushing your teeth properly.
  • Brushing twice a day.
  • Rinsing your mouth after every meal
Close-up of dentist talking

Show calendar flipping through 6 months

A dental visit every six months is considered good for all age groups.
Image of crowded uneven teeth Visit a dentist
  • If the teeth are uneven, crowded or jumbled.

Image of cavities in teeth * If cavities are observed in the teeth.
Image of hot and cold stuff and image of Ramu (sad face) holding his cheek with his hand * If your teeth are sensitive to hot and cold foodstuff.These are some suggestive brushing techniques
Animation showing the various techniques, the movement of the brush can be shown, by taking the image as a reference. * Gently brush the outer and inner side of the chewing area.
  • Also brush the tongue to maintain good breath and to get rid of germs.
Image of the natural brush Miswak. * Miswak is a chewing stick cut from a twig of the peelu tree.
  • The stick needs to be chewed on.
  • Then this chewed stick can be used as a natural brush.

Remember, taking care of your teeth,and visiting a dentist from time to time helps maintain oral hygiene.

Thanking you for listening and STAY SAFE.

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About the contributors The animation for this tutorial has been contributed by Shital and Arthi.

And this is Aditi Gokarn from the Department of Educational technology, S.N.D.T Women’s University. signing off. Thanks for joining.

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