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Time Narration
00:01 Welcome to this spoken tutorial on Online Train booking.
00:05 My name is Kannan Moudgalya.
00:08 In this tutorial, we will learn: How to choose a ticket at irctc.
00:13 To select the sector to travel.
00:16 To select the train and the class of travel.
00:19 To enter user information and to decide e-ticket or i-ticket.
00:24 I will also demonstrate the first time use of a debit card and how to use this to purchase the ticket online.
00:32 What is needed to buy a ticket? Any one of the following for payment-
00:36 The bank account with an ATM card.
00:39 The bank account with online transaction capability.
00:43 The credit card. And of course the computer with internet connection.
00:48 The method I will choose is the following -
00:50 I have an ICICI ATM card.
00:53 It is also a visa debit card .
00:56 So, let us buy a ticket now.
00:59 The Username, I will type kannan underscore Mou, Password... I will login here.
01:12 Suppose, I want to go from Mumbai. So, the moment I type 4 characters, it suggests. So, I want to choose "Mumbai Central". SURA , let me type 4 characters and wait for it.
01:26 So, actually I want to go to Surat.
01:28 Notice the station codes, 'BCT' is for Bombay Central and 'ST' is for Surat.
01:35 In the future, I can type BCT and ST directly, for e.g we delete this and type BCT; leave this as it is.
01:47 Date.. let me choose 23rd December . Let me choose the remaining as they are e-ticket and General.
01:55 I will talk about e-ticket or i-ticket - what are the option,
01:59 What are the differences, I will explain later.
02:02 Let me find the trains, Train name... slide to the right and see that
02:08 I have got lots of trains. Let me make the font slightly smaller
02:11 so that we can see all of them.
02:15 Suppose I want to go by this train number '12935'.
02:19 So, let me check if I have tickets available under second sitting... two 'S'.
02:24 Let me scroll down a little bit. It immediately says that it is wait listed.
02:29 It doesn't matter even if it is wait listed. I want to book it.
02:34 So, let me click this; I get the message The 'From' station that I have selected does not exist on the route choose one of these.....
02:44 So, let's suppose that I want to choose Bandra Terminus, let me go and book it.
02:57 Ok, let me type, my name "Kannan Moudgalya", Age-53, Male, Berth preference – suppose I choose Window seat.
03:12 So, it gives us button Senior Citizen and I get the message that "passenger's age should be 60 years or more". I say OK.
03:22 And if I am female senior citizen, then it says that "passenger's age should be 58 years or more".
03:31 So, for female it is 58 and for men it is 60 to be considered as senior citizen.
03:39 For a senor citizen, their are discounts. .
03:41 So, let me go back to Male, Window Seat.
03:45 Let me not worry about all this; I just have to enter this imageE37745A.
03:58 Let me press Go .
04:03 It gives the details, ok and says the total amount is 99.
04:11 Now I have to make payment. Let me click this.
04:20 I can have any of these cards.
04:22 I can have Credit card, I can use the Net Banking facilities, I can use Debit Card ,cash card and so on.
04:29 In order to make it accessible to most people , I am going to demonstrate the use of debit card .
04:38 I need to choose one of these, unfortunately the card that I have namely ICICI bank card is not here.
04:46 But it says that for any other card not listed here, if it happens to be visa or master debit card, click here.
04:55 So, let me click here and I get the message that the following banks visa / master debit cards can be used to make online transaction as on date.
05:09 So, ICICI bank is listed. So, let me close this , so let me choose one of these.
05:16 I will choose this visa master. So, Card Type is Visa.
05:23 I am not going to show the number of the ATM card that I have.
05:27 You have to enter the 16 digit number that comes on your debit card and then Credit Card Expiry date and then CVV Number
05:39 which is the three digit number, last three digits, at the back of your card.
05:44 Next is your signature. After entering this information, I have to press the Buy button.
05:52 Let me do that now. I get the following message from ICICI bank.
05:57 I need to enter the validity date , Date Of Birth and then my ATM pin number
06:04 to register this card for online transaction.
06:09 Let me make it bigger so that you can see what this is.
06:14 I will enter all this but I want to show you.
06:21 The moment I do that I get the message given here.
06:26 I am entering a 6 digit number now, I have to choose it properly. It should be easy for me to remember and not so easy for others.
06:36 I have to type it twice. This is to ensure that I created the password correctly. This will prevent typing mistakes.
06:45 Remember, you have to create this password only once.
06:48 From now on, you will use this password with your debit card. To confirm it, let me submit .
07:00 I get the message Congratulations! The ticket has been booked....
07:06 Note that all the information about the ticket are also given including the PNR number
07:13 which we will have to follow up to see whether our wait listed ticket gets confirmed, before we begin the journey.
07:21 We are now looking at the automated email sent by IRCTC. The ticket details are here.
07:29 You can take a print out if you wish, let us go back to the slides.
07:36 I have come back to the slide, what to do next?
07:39 You can take a print out of the ticket .
07:42 Wait listed ticket has to get confirmed before you travel.
07:47 The print out taken while wait listed is good enough.
07:51 You don't have to print it again.
07:53 If the ticket is already confirmed their are no difficulties.
07:58 How general is the procedure that I have shown in this tutorial?
08:03 There could be minor variations in different ATM cards.
08:07 The method is similar for credit cards; online bank transaction is similar.
08:14 But the overall procedure is identical in all the methods-
08:20 To enter card or account information
08:23 To enter the password some need a temporary code sent to your mobile phone.
08:31 The next question is: should one buy e-ticket or i-ticket?
08:36 First we will begin with e-ticket. One can buy this in the last minute also.
08:41 One needs a printer or a smart phone. However, don't worry about losing it.
08:48 If you lose it, we can always take another print out.
08:51 You need identity proof at the time of travel, however.
08:55 In case of i-Ticket, it will be sent by a courier. Of course, you have to pay for this- about Rs-50.
09:03 You should have 2-3 days for postal delivery.
09:07 The delivery is not available for all towns and villages.
09:11 The cancellation can be done at ticket counters only.
09:15 Of course, you don't need an identity proof if you travel with an i-ticket.
09:21 What is an identity proof ? Any government issued card with photo. It could be:
09:26 PAN card Election card
09:28 Driving licenseor a Passport. It could be any of these.
09:33 I have now opened a website that explains it. One of these with your photograph has to be carried.
09:41 Let us go back to the slides.
09:43 There are concessional rates available.
09:46 A useful site is given here. Let us visit this site now.
09:55 I have returned to the slides. Senior citizens get about 40% discount.
10:01 Who is a senior citizen? Men- it is 60 years and above, for women it is 58 years and above.
10:09 One needs the proof at travel time for any concession.
10:15 What to carry during travel? If you book an e-ticket, any one proof of your ticket- an e-copy in your smart phone or a print out of the ticket and an identity card .
10:29 Or take the i-ticket.
10:32 In case of i-Ticket, as mentioned earlier, no identity proof is required.
10:37 I have the following useful tips for you.
10:40 Please book in advance.
10:42 Book even if the chance of travel is small.
10:46 You can always cancel the tickets; you will lose some money if you cancel.
10:51 However, this may be better than not having a ticket at all.
10:55 You cannot buy a ticket in the last minute.
10:57 Book when the IRCTC website is fast-
11:01 Typically, mid afternoon or late night may be fast.
11:06 Avoid 8 to 10AM if you can.
11:10 In the next tutorial, we will discuss how to manage the tickets booked through IRCTC.
11:18 How to view past booking.
11:20 How to check the PNR status.
11:23 And how to cancel the ticket..
11:25 I will now talk about the spoken tutorial project.
11:28 Watch the video available at /What_is_a_Spoken_Tutorial.
11:35 It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project.
11:38 If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it.
11:43 The Spoken Tutorial project team:
11:45 Conducts workshops using spoken tutorials.
11:48 Gives certificates to those who pass an online test.
11:51 For more details, please contact us.
11:54 Spoken Tutorial Project is a part of the "Talk to a Teacher" project.
11:58 It is supported by the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD, Government of India.
12:03 More information on this Mission is available at:
12:12 We have come to the end of this tutorial.
12:15 Thanks for joining. This is Kannan Moudgalya, signing off. Goodbye.

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