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Title of script: First Aid on Fever

Author: Ashwini Patil

Keywords: Symptoms of Fever

Visual Cue
Meena walking towards home The village girl Meena returned home from school feeling shaky and shivery and looked tired.
Meena complaining to her mother She was complaining of body pain head ache as well.
Mother checking her and finding she is having fever The worried mother who came near her noticed that she has a high temperature.
Spoken Tutorial and Digital divide Welcome to the spoken tutorial on First Aid in case of Fever
Spoken Tutorial and Digital divide Here we will talk about, the symptoms of fever, the primary care and consulting the doctor
Thermometer showing the fever temperature Any person who's temperature goes above the normal temperature 96.8-100.4ºF is considered having fever.
Meena sitting Let us see what are the symptoms of fever

Thermometer showing the fever temperature Increase in temperature
Meena sitting tired Aches and pains
Meena feeling shivering Shaking and shivering
Meena keeping hand in head Severe headache
Meena coughing Soar throat
Mother wrapping meena with blanket The mother seeing the shivering condition, wrapped the child in a blanket to keep her warm
Mother and meena Let us check what to do and what to avoid in case of fever.
Mother giving sponge bath to meena Give the patient a sponge bath in Luke warm water

Mother giving water to meena Give the patient lots of water to drink
Mother wrapping meena with blanket Do not wrap the person in a blanket or thick clothing

Mother giving tablet to meena Do not give medicines on your own
Doctor checking Meena Always give medicines after consulting the doctor
Mother closing the window Do not block fresh air
Mother opening the window In fact, fresh breeze helps to lower the fever.
Showing the doctor Seek immediate medical help in case the patient shows the following symptoms
Meena feeling difficult to breath * Irregular breathing

Meena having stiff neck * Stiff neck

Meena vomiting * Persistent sore throat

Meena having rashes in her body * Rashes

Meena coughing * Vomiting

Meena going inside Washroom * Painful urinations & Diarrhea

End This brings us to the end of this tutorial
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About the contributors The Script is contributed by Ashwini Patil,

Animation & Narration by Arthi

Drawings by Saurabh Gadgil

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