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C++ is a programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup starting in 1979 at Bell Labs. C++ is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose, powerful programming language. C++ is an object oriented language. It supports features like classes and objects, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance etc. C++ is also used for hardware design.

Learners: UG/PG CSE/CS/IT students and anyone who wishes to learning advanced programming.


Advance Level

1) Classes and Objects in C++

  • Defining Classes
    • create a class
  • Defining Objects
    • create an object of the class
  • Member Functions
  • To create a function
  • Encapsulation
  • Data Abstraction

2) Constructor and Destructor

  • Constructor and Destructor
  • To create a constructor
  • Parameterized constructors
  • Default constructor
  • Destructor

3) static members in C++

  • Static Keyword
  • Static variable
  • Static member function

4) Inheritance

  • Inheritance
  • Concept of subclass and superclass
  • Types of inheritance
  • Single level inheritance
  • Multilevel inheritance

5) More on Inheritance

  • Multiple Inheritance
  • Derived class inherits from more than one base class
  • Hierarchical Inheritance
  • Multiple derived classes inherit from one base class

6) Function overloading and overriding

  • Function overloading
  • Function overriding
  • Difference between both

7) Polymorphism in C++

  • Polymorphism
  • Virtual Members
  • Virtual Function

8) Abstract class in C++

  • Pure virtual function
  • abstract methods

9) Friend Function

  • friend function

10) Exception Handling

  • Exceptions
  • try
  • throw
  • catch

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