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Title of script: Overview of Aakash Business Tool

Author: Trupti Rajesh Kini

Keywords: video tutorial, Accounting software, Free and open source software, SD card, NGO & Profit making, Proxy Settings, abt.img, ABT.apk

Visual Clue            Narration
Slide 1    Hello and welcome to this series of spoken tutorials on Aakash Business Tool i.e. ABT   
Slide 2 This tutorial will give you an introduction to ABT.   

We will familiarise ourselves with the applications & features of ABT.            

We will also learn how to install ABT on an Aakash tablet.

Slide 3 To record this tutorial, I am using,

ABT version 1.0. Aakash Tablet with Android version 4.2 i.e Jelly Bean.

Slide 4 ABT can be used on any rooted tablet of your choice.

To install ABT on a rooted tablet, you will require a working Internet connection &

400MB of free space on internal/external SD-card.

Slide 5 For more information visit the following links,



Slide 6 To learn ABT, you must be familiar with the concepts of book keeping.
Slide 7

What is ABT?

ABT is an accounting tool, which runs on Android OS.

It is intended for accountants and accounts-students.

It is a Free and Open Source Software, licensed under GNU - GPL version 3.

Slide 8 ABT can be used by an NGO as well as a Profit making organization.
Slide 9 Now, let us look at some of the features of ABT.
First, let see how to maintain Organizations.
Video playing So, on the first page, we can see 2 buttons at the top,

Create new organization and

Select existing organization

Now, on the next page, we have to fill organization details.

Fill the organization details if required or tap on Skip button.

Now, lets see a small clip about-

User authentication and its role in an organization

Video playing Now, we will select role as admin

And login with our username and password.

We can now view the login,logout and total time of manager and operator.

Next, lets have a look at how to maintain books of accounts.
Video playing This is Create Account page.

An organization can have any number of accounts.

Every account falls under a Group and optionally a Sub-Group.

A prompt box appears which asks whether we want to:

Edit Account Or

Delete Account

Only Account name and Opening balance are editable.

Using ABT, we can record, clone, and edit transactions.
Video playing

Here, on this page we can record transactions in ABT.

Select the type of transaction from the dropdown list of Voucher type.

After filling necessary data, save the details.

Now, here we will learn multiple entries in a transaction

To add a new row, tap on plus button

We can also record transactions under a project.
Video playing Here we can add project names.

Let's us add ABT and tap on Add Project button.

Tap on Preferences option.

In Preferences, we can see

Edit/Delete organisation and

Add/Edit/Delete project options

Slide We can view various types of reports in ABT, such as,
  • Ledger,
  • Trial Balance
  • Cash Flow,
  • Cash Book,
  • Project Statement,
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Account
Let us have a look at Bank Reconciliation.
Video playing Tap on Clearance Date field to enter the clearance date of voucher.

We can give Memo as a statement while clearing transaction.

Let us give Memo as cleared.

Total Debit & Total Credit amounts are present at the end of the table.

Bank Reconciliation Statement is located at the bottom of the table.

We can even export a report to PDF as well as CSV formats using ABT.
Video playing Tap on Export as pdf option.

A new window appears.

You can secure your file by giving it a password.

And then tap on Set password and save file button.

Point to the video Using ABT, we can export an organization's data from one rooted tablet to another.
Video playing Tap on Import organization.

It will show all available exported organizations and financial years to be imported.

Another useful feature is Rollover
Video playing Here in financial year we will see 2 financial year periods:

The period for which we created the organization and

The period after rollover

The next feature is remote access to the ABT server.
Video playing Change server location, prompts a dialog to enter remote server IP address.
Empty Slide So, these are the glimpses of what you will learn through the ABT series of Spoken Tutorials.
Slide 21 Now, let's learn how to install ABT on an Aakash tablet.
Go to the Aakash Tablet. We need a working internet connection to download files onto the tablet.
Point to the proxy settings configuration If you work behind a proxy server, ensure that,

You bypass localhost under proxy settings.

You can skip this step if you have a direct Internet connection.

I am behind a proxy.

So, let us learn to configure the proxy settings now.

Tap on Settings->WiFi

Switch on the WiFi

You can find this option under Settings and WiFi.

Ensure that WIFI is turned ON.

Long press on spoken_static. Long press on the WIFI network that you want to connect to.

I will choose spoken_static.

Tap on Modify network. Then, choose Modify network.
Type the password. Enter the password for the selected WIFI network.
Check Show Advanced Options checkbox. Check Show Advanced Options checkbox.
Lets select Proxy settings as manual. Choose Proxy settings as manual.

Fill all the required details.

Type Add an entry for to bypass the localhost.
Tap on Save. And finally save the details.
Open web browser on Aakash.

Slide 22

Now, open the web browser on your tablet.

We have to type this URL in the address bar


Go to the browser

Tap on Go.

We will download apk file from this webpage.

Scroll down.

Tap on Download.

Search for Aakash Business Tool and tap on Download.

It will download ABT.apk file to Download folder of internal SD card.
Go to File Manager->SD Card->Download Go to that location.

File Manager->SD Card->Download

Tap on ABT apk file To install, tap on the ABT apk file which we downloaded.
Tap on Package Installer. It will pop-up two options:

1.Package Installer and

2.Verify and Install.

Tap on Package Installer.

Tap on Just once.

Tap on Install.

Select Just once.

Tap on Install.

It will install the apk on your tablet.

The installation process will take some time.

Point to the ABT icon. Once it is done, the ABT icon will be available on the Applications menu.

Now the Front End of the ABT is installed with the help of ABT's apk.

Next lets install the Back End of ABT.

There are two methods to install ABT's Back End.

Recommended Method and Manual Method.

Point to the prompt  for superuser permission If in case the application asks for superuser permission, say GRANT.
Slide 23 First we will learn the recommended method of installation.
Open ABT application.

Point to the prompt,

File system does not exist!

Do you want to download and install?

When we open ABT for the first time it will prompt,

File system does not exist! Do you want to download and install?

Tap on Yes. Tap on Yes.
Point to the downloading file abt.tar.gz This will download abt.tar.gz file in your internal memory.
Point to the extraction of abt.tar.gz After downloading the file, it will automatically extract abt.tar.gz file.
Point to the prompt,

File system is not mounted, device requires a reboot.

Tap on Reboot.

After extraction, it will again prompt.

File system is not mounted, device requires a reboot.

Now tap on Reboot, to reboot the tablet.

Tap on ABT icon After reboot, tap on ABT icon.

You can see the information about ABT.

ABT is now ready to use.

Slide 24 Now lets learn how to install ABT manually.
Open browser

Tap on Go.

Slide 25 for URL

Once we have installed ABT apk,

Open web browser.

Type this link in the address bar http://www.it.iitb.ac.in/AakashApps/repo/abt.tar.gz

Go to File Manager->SD Card->Download abt.tar.gz will get downloaded to Download folder of internal SDcard.

Go to File Manager->SD Card->Download.

Copy or move abt.tar.gz to root folder of internal SD Card. Now copy or move this abt.tar.gz to the root folder of internal  SDcard.
Open ABT application. Now, open ABT application.
Point to the extraction of abt.tar.gz It will directly start the extraction of abt.tar.gz file.
Point to the prompt,

File system is not mounted, device requires a reboot

Tap on Reboot.

After extraction, it will prompt the message,

File system is not mounted, device requires a reboot

Now click on Reboot, to Reboot the tablet.

Tap on ABT icon After reboot, tap on ABT icon.

You can see the information about ABT.

We have successfully installed Aakash Business Tool.

Slide 26 Note:

In case there is not enough space in internal memory,

Download and Extract abt.tar.gz file on your computer.

Once extraction is done, we will get an abt.img file.

Copy the abt.img file to the root folder of tablet's external SD card and reboot the tablet.

Now ABT is ready to use.  

In the subsequent tutorials, we will learn how to use ABT.


Slide 27

Lets summarize,

In this tutorial we learnt,

About ABT

Applications & features of ABT

How to install ABT.


Slide 28

As an assignment, install ABT on any rooted tablet by recommended method.
Slide 29 Watch the video available at the given link

It summarizes the Spoken Tutorial project

If you do not have good bandwidth, you can download and watch it

Slide 30 The Spoken Tutorial Project Team

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Gives certificates to those who pass an online test

For more details, please write to contact@spoken-tutorial.org

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This is Trupti Kini from IIT Bombay signing off.

Thanks for watching.

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