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ASCEND Modelling Environment

ASCEND is a free and open source software for mathematical modeling. It is a initiative of Carnegie Mellon University and it started on late 1980's. ASCEND solves models by equation based approach thus greatly emphasizing on knowledge of model rather than procedural coding. Till date ASCEND has been widely employed in simulating chemical process models but it can also be used for general purpose modeling and simulation.


Learners: UG/PG Chemical Engg and Chemistry students.

Basic Level

  1. Overview of ASCEND
    • How to install ASCEND in Ubuntu 12.04 and in Windows 7
    • Introduction to what is ASCEND in Brief
    • Overview of the various applications of ASCEND
    • A glimpse of ASCEND interface Overview of the topics to be covered in this series of spoken tutorials
  2. Installation of ASCEND
    • Installation of ASCEND in Linux and in Windows 7
    • Opening a basic file in ASCEND in Linux and in Windows 7
    • How to open a model in ASCEND and run it
  3. Writing-basic-model
    • Introduction to various aspects of ASCEND interface
    • Writing basic model in ASCEND
    • Writing dimensionless consistent models
    • Build a basic model
    • Add methods to the basic model and Write dimensionally consistent equations
  4. Solving-Cubic-EOS
    • Solving cubic equation of state in ASCEND
    • Writing reusable models in ASCEND
    • Importing data from libraries
    • Create a reusable model and Reuse the model for different components
    • Import data from the Thermodynamics library
    • Solve the model
  5. Simulating flowsheet
    • Modeling a mixer in ASCEND
    • Modeling a reactor in ASCEND
    • Connecting different components of a flowsheet
    • Simulating a flowsheet
  6. Iterative calculations and Plotting Graphs
    • Using for loops in ASCEND
    • Defining Arrays in models
    • Plotting graphs in ASCEND

Contributors and Content Editors

Minal, Nancyvarkey, PoojaMoolya, Pratik kamble