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Introduction to Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is a free and open source GNU/Linux operating system. Ubuntu is considered to be user friendly, easy to learn and easy to maintain operating system.

Ubuntu Linux is a debian based GNU/Linux operating system. In GNU/Linux, most popular environments are kde, gnome, xcfe.

In kde environment, we have single menu with the window-ish look and feel and it is heavier than the other two environments. Gnome is lighter than the kde and it has 3 menus i.e applications, places and system. We will study gnome in detail further in this series. Then xcfe is the lightest one and machines with the lowest configuration can use this.

Ubuntu Linux with Kde is called KUbuntu , with gnome is called Ubuntu and with xcfe is called Xubuntu.

In this series of tutorials, we will learn Ubuntu desktop version 10.10 with gnome environment. This is aimed at beginners and those who want to shift from properitory operating system to FOSS. Advanced Level users may refer to the spoken tutorials on Linux which is also available on this website and wiki.

The Spoken Tutorial effort for Ubuntu Linux is being contributed by Anusha Kadambala, IIT Bombay and Shahid Farooqui, IIT Bombay. Others who have helped in the creation of these tutorials are Praveen, Anirban Choudary, DesiCrew Solutions Pvt Ltd,, Anuradha, Shambulingaya, Abhijit Sunil, Prashant Shah, Bala, Namita, Anuvrat Parashar, Sachin Patil, Ashwini Patil.

[Ubuntu Slide Template]                                                                                                                               Glossary

Basic Level

Ubuntu Desktop

  • Main Menu
  • System Tray
  • Trash Bin icon (RHS corner)
  • Desktop icon (LHS corner), pen-drive

Synaptic Package Manager

  • How to install packages

Ubuntu Software Centre

  • How to install packages

Advanced Level


1. Accessories

  • Calculator
  • CD/DVD creator
  • Character map
  • Disk usage analyzer
  • gedit text-editor
  • Manage print jobs
  • Password & Encryption keys
  • Search of files
  • Take screenshot
  • Terminal
  • Tomboy notes

2. Graphics

  • F-spot photo manager
  • Open-office.org drawing
  • Simple scan

3. Internet

  • Empathy
  • Firefox web browser
  • Gwibber social browser
  • Remote desktop viewer
  • Terminal server client
  • Transmission bit-torrent client

4. Sound & Video

  • Brasero disc burner
  • Movie player
  • Rhythmbox music player
  • Sound recorder

5. Places

  • Home Folder
  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • Computer
  • Network
  • Connect to server
  • Search for files
  • Recent documents





Help menu

How to install software

  • Through synaptic package manager
  • Through Ubuntu software center
  • Compiling from .deb packages


  • Download
  • Network proxy
  • Homepage location


  • wifi
  • Broadband (Scripts) (Spoken Tutorials)
  • Mobile connections

USB drivers

  • Access USB drivers
  • Format USB drivers

Mic & Speakers

  • How to set up mic and speakers

Running Windows Applications using WINE

Contributors and Content Editors

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