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Introduction to TestLink

TestLink is an open source, web-based Test Management tool.

Features Benefits or advantages of using TestLink

  • Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
  • Web based so easy to maintain and upgrade as there are no client installations
  • Centralized Management tool for
    • Requirements
    • Testware (Test Specification, Test Plan, Test Suite/Set, Test Case)..etc.
    • Test Reports, Metrics, Charts, Test Execution Monitoring, ...
    • Users and Roles
  • Test Execution - Execute Test Cases for free-definable Platforms, Builds and Test Plans
  • Can colloborate with well known or popular bug trackers like Bugzilla, JIRA, Mantis BT etc.
  • Can also be integrated with LDAP server for user authentication.

These series of spoken tutorials on TestLink were intended for a software testing professional who wants to use or shift to FOSS tool for software test management.

For this spoken tutorial we will be using TestLink 1.9.3 on XAMPP Server 1.7.7 in Ubuntu Linux 10.04 with XFCE desktop environment(i.e.XUbuntu).

It would be helpful if one has prerequisites knowledge of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), software testing terminology.

Spoken tutorials for TestLink are being contributed by Ramki,TalentSprint, Hyderabad.For more information on TalentSprint visit http://www.talentsprint.com


  1. Overview & User Management
    • Quick look at structure of TestLink
    • Self registration of user
    • User Login
      • Screen layout for user
      • Documentation of TestLink
      • Update of profile and password
      • How to request in case of lost password?
    • User Management
      • View,Edit,Credit user profiles
      • Making user active or inactive
      • Reset password of users
  2. Role Management
    • Overview of role
    • Types of roles
    • Various Roles & their scope
    • View & Edit of rights or permissions for a role
    • Edit or Update of role name
    • User defined roles
    • Levels of Role Assignment
  3. Test Projects
    • Creating new Test Projects
    • Edit and delete Test Projects
    • Inventory
  4. Test Specification
    • Test Suites
    • Test Cases
    • Keywords
    • Generate Test Specification document
  5. Requirement based testing
    • Requirements specification document
    • Requirements
  6. Test Plans
    • Create and delete Test Plan
    • Builds
    • Test Sets (adding and removing test cases)
    • Milestones
  7. Test Execution
    • Pre-requisites for Test Execution
    • Preparation for Test Execution
    • Test Execution and Results


  1. Test Reports and Metrics
    • Test Plan Metrics
    • Query Metrics
    • Test Reports w.r.t Test Cases
    • Test Reports w.r.t Requirements


  1. Pre-installation & Configuration
    • Introduction
    • System Requirements
    • Pre-Installation
      • Installation of LAMPP Server
        • Tightening Security
        • How to control XAMPP Server
  2. Installation & Configuration
    • Installation
    • Post Installation Steps
      • Basic corrective and security measures
    • Configuration for Sending Email
  3. Advanced TestLink Configuration
    • Configuration of GUI
    • Configuration of Bug Tracker Connector
    • Configuration & Misc. Functionality
    • Logging & Custom Fields

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